Friday, March 13, 2009

Samadian idol ; Semifinals

todays performances was fun. haha. lynn was singing tear drops of my guitar by taylor swift. me on the other hand, was singing sometimes by britney spears. haha. this time 15 ppl were competing for semi. my mum came for samadian idol just to support me and lynn. aww, i love you mommy :)

after i sang.

judge 1 : be careful of high pitch.
judge 2 : agreeing with judge 1 and complimented on my dress. haha. i looked good :D
judge 3 : something about my smile :) then something about my advantage for being a shy person. and something about my voice? haha then he said 'i want to see you in finals!'. woooh :D

so, yeah, it was funn, while waiting for my turn, which was 3rd last, i was talking to herman. alot. haha. i freaking love his voice. haha. seriously, i would be the first buying his album, if he does record one.he sounds like a professional singer. sure ramai peminat lahh. kalah jason mraz. i guess? haha. herman, if your're reading this, i just wanna say that ' YOU ARE SOOO GONNA BE THE CHAMPION OF SAMADIAN IDOL!' ahaha :D if you do become a super huge famaous rockstar later, dont ever DARE to forget me :p *hugs*

results were out on the day itself. haha. woooh!
only 8 ppl made it to finals.
i only can remember ikha, me, lynn, husaini and herman in for finals.
another 3 ppl not sure who. haha.
ahh! what song to sing? mann, susah laa. hate thinking of songs to sing. -.-
at least we have another week to think about it. haha. holidays!


with love;
aliza sara <3

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