Friday, March 6, 2009

Samadian Idol ; Quarterfinals

like, OMG! haaha. today's the day.
me.... singing... on that huge stage..... alone... ;D
haha, whatever it is, i had funn. i wasn't that confident on stage. nervous much? it was my first time on stage singing. so what do you espect? ppffftt. haha. so yeahh, guess what song i sang?

guess guess guess :o

i'll tell you guys later lahh. so, basically, i was competing with another 22 contestans. ahhhh! as if i'll pass for semi finals. oh yeah, alex, she so totally ROCKED the stage! haha. seriously, she sounds like avril lavigne. woooh! alex was the 1st performing. lynn's number was 15 and i was 16. yeay! when it started, i was seriously nervous. then slowly, i loosen up a little. thanks to husaini. my official new friend. he was with his guitar, like, whoaa! haha. singging while playing a guitar? ait that cool or what? unlike me. -.-

so thats that. dont think i'll qualify for semi finals :)

*btw, i sang kiss the girl by ashley tisdale ;D

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