Friday, August 21, 2009



youre the best mum ever and i wouldnt want you in any other way! you grew me up to be, well, ME. and i love you for all the unconditional love you gave me the past 17 years i've been living. the food. the shopping. the drive around town for no specific reason. haha. missing those times. youre already 51 if im not mistaken? *haha, how can i forget my mums age?* well, its just a number. whatever it is, you'll always be the one i'll turn to when im depress. or hugry XD conclusion is, im lucky that youre my mum <3



haha, since you share the same birthday dengan my mum, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAR! the first time i heard your name was masa form 2. i was lepakking with all the ex sri petalings. then one of my classmates has this crush on you masa primary school. haha. it was hilarious lah :) just so you know ;D now, even though we dont know each other that well, so what? we live in malaysia, we're malaysians, and we're FEMALES. haha. i wanted to text you, but number pulak takde. then me going online satu hal. since its my mums birthday, we have this outing party la kan? so im sorry for wishing you lambat sikit on FB. better late than never kan? haha :) *hugs* sayang karr.

lotssa love, aliza sara

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