Saturday, August 1, 2009



go check out her blog, she my sexy lady :D

specifically, this post.

syuhadah! baca ni : firstly, if you think you're not the syuhadah im reffering to, then jangan baca :p jangan terasa lahh, im not mad at you :) tapi because you wished me kan, i sayang you like this MUCH! XD xoxo

i love you sexy lady XD



shes my baby, my cute baby. haha :D

yaz, read this: ahh, i know we've been this close baru this year, and you can dance bebeh. haha :) stage fright! i can still remember your face before the show. muka takut you pun still very comel nak mati :D i wnna scare you on purpose, so that i can see your takut face XD haha, beware!

and happy birthday to you for the brape kali time. lost count. haha :)

to whoever who wished me happy birthday, thankyou :)
*appreciated it a LOT

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