Thursday, June 10, 2010

and i've returned

only god knows when was the last time i've updated my blog. well, im here now bloggy. i know you've been missing me. haha. well, so far, so many MANY things have changed. lost old friends, gain new ones. the HORROR. im not letting go of them just yet, but some of them.. i would rather not say anyting. how could you? just because i dont hang with you guys no more, doesnt mean i've changed okay? i've just been busy. im sorry if you dont get it. but, im appreciating those who do.

well, FYI, my first sem is finally over y'all (: enjoying my free time till end of july. still thinking of what to do during the holidays. since almost everyone in my high school years are just starting college/uni. i might not be able to hang with them. another reason why i cant hang with you guys okay?

and one last thing, before i end my short post,

im OFFICIALLY changing my look to be more SOPHISTICATED

can be related to this photo attached to this blog, but, without the icy blond please (:

till then love, good night <3

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