Thursday, April 15, 2010


i so totally owe my daddy a BIG apology. i was so caught up with my selfish self and totally *poof* on reality. i realized that my dad didn't exactly on purpose wanted to ruin my dreams. no. he simply cares for me & I'm the one not appreciating what he has done for me. i know sorry is not enough, so I'm gonna prove to you that i can so totally ace college. i love you daddy. you've thought me from right to wrong and thanks to you, I'm the person i am today. i just want to thank you for taking care for me. and honestly, i just want you to know that i didn't mean what i said. i was just too emotional and depressed. its my fault. not yours. I'm gonna prove to you that i can actually do something, while i study. all i need is for you to just believe in me in what i do.

with love,
your baby girl (:

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