Monday, June 23, 2014

Daily Fresh Ramadhan Promotion Preview

Daily Fresh
because whatever they serve is served fresh, daily!

Standing on the left in the white t-shirt is Mr Low, the Operation Manager of the stall.

Hello there guys and gals,

Its the post that you've been waiting for. But before i tell you more on your flavoured popcorn, let me just start with how it was discovered. Let me just share you the details of the event:

Place: Daily Fresh Sunway Pyramid
Time: 5pm till 7pm
Date:  21st June 2014
Event: Daily Fresh Ramadhan Promotion tasting.

So basically from the details of the event, you can pretty much tell what its all about. YES, A FOOD TASTING EVENT! Who would ever say no to food? I was lucky enough to get invited by daily fresh, so thank you for having me :)

Moving on, let me explain what we had to taste. Well, ummm, basically EVERYTHING they had on their menu. What a treat it was i must say. From their well known corn in a cup to sweet gelato's and it doesn't end there! Was lucky enough to be tasting their new product on the menu, which was their flavoured popcorn! will let you know more about it more in this post. so keep on reading!

Before i tell you what we had to try, here's a list of their menu to see what looks good.



First, we tried their corn in a cup, and they had 5 varieties of flavours to choose from.

From left: Freaky Garlic Cheese, Fury Chilli, Original Margarine + Salt, Fancy Mayo and Sweetened Milk

Don't they look good?! and don't get me started on how it tasted! It was juicy and the flavours was something new as i usually take original when it comes to corn in a cup. And after trying every one of their interesting flavours, here's what i have to say:

Freaky Garlic Cheese: THE BEST, and apparently my favourite out of the five! If you're a cheese and garlic person, this is a must. Because every bite of it reminds me of the flavour of potato chips with a tangy garlic taste.

Fury Chilli: On my first bite, it tasted pretty good, but you'll get this spicy taste tickling your tongue after a while. I wouldn't say that it was that bad since I'm a fan of anything spicy, (but not too spicy). So, if you're a lover for chilli, this could be your muse!

Original Margarine: Like the usual, if you like it plain and simple. If you're a corn lover, you could always stick to this. (i usually take this to class and i'll be munching while the lecturer is giving a lecture)

Fancy Mayo: This got interesting. Never really tried mayo and corn before, but it tasted pretty good! It had this tangy sour taste from the mayo, and it balances up pretty well with the corn which taste sweet. MUST TRY at least once.

Sweetened Milk: This could be one of the ones that our local malaysians would usually love, aren't we all sugar lovers? Its taste like corn candy in a cup, except its not candy. This used to be my childhood favourite, till i grew up and i kindda need to cut down on the sugar. hehehe. shhhh.

Whats the secret to their amazing cup in a corn to taste amazing? Well, we had Tracy to explain to us where they got the name 'Daily Fresh'. Why daily fresh? Well, everything is pretty clear from the name itself.  All their ingredients are maintained fresh. Everyday, they would always get a new batch of ingredients to keep their servings fresh and yummy! Another secret would be that they have their own field of corn in Johor and Bandung, which helps them maintain a certain standard to assure their corn achieve a level of satisfaction. How amazing is that really? Its nice to know that they care for their customers to assure on quality. OH! and another thing i forgotten to mention, their cups are functioned to keep the corn hot and yummy before you consume it. They took the initiative to get a cup that would help your corn to stay warm.


Second, we got the opportunity to try their waffles! Yummy! And its not that usual classic wafito's we tried, it was their premium wafito's! So, photos coming right up!

Preparing our waffles, FRESH.

With Anis and Puteri, bloggers too! It was nice meeting you guys btw :)
Do check them out when you have the time.
Anis's Blog:
Puteri's Blog:
Chicken Floss
Chicken Floss on tmy first bite was actually interesting, because they had real chicken floss in it and it was really filling i must say! Its more of a on the go treat if you're rushing to me.

Japanese BBQ
This was interesting too! Im sure you're wondering whats Japanese BBQ? Well basically if i guessed it right, it was a combination of bbq sauce, mayo and fish flakes! And yes, fish flakes, the one you get when you order takoyaki. In fact, it kindda taste like takoyaki but instead of having it in a ball like shape, its in a waffle. I think this was a winner to me. so much exploration in taste. i would highly recommend anyone to try this. Its good...

Coco Deluxe

Coco deluxe was a wee bit too sweet for me. But if you're a chocolate lover, then go ahead! Looking at it says chocolate all the way.

Pandan Kaya
Pandan Kaya tasted like Kaya bread, but in a waffle. If you're craving for kaya but too lazy to buy ingredients, why not just stop by at daily fresh and get a waffle? ;) I was pretty fascinated with the fact that the waffle was green! haven't tried flavoured waffles yet, so this was a first.

Nyonya Kaya
And last, the nyonya kaya, this tasted almost similar to panda kaya, except it had a more traditional taste to it. It was sweeter than the pandan kaya.


And it doesn't end there, whats a meal without desserts? We had two different kinds of ice cream, one is the Ice Kimo and the other is the Gelato Tempo.

This is me, looking excited to try out their desserts!

Ice Kimo
From left: Pineapple, Chocolate, Mango, Mocha, Honey Dew, Soursoap, Strawberry & Vanilla

Gelato Tempo
From left: Yogurt Mango, Green Tea, Mango, Chocolate, Yogurt melon, Strawberry, Yogurt Original & Black Sesame
Lets keep this one simple, to compare, both have their own expertise. Ice Kimo has a slightly mild taste and its actually shaved ice cream in general. I would highly recommend the strawberry flavour, it has a sweet sourish strawberry taste, and i kept taking extra scoops for myself. teehee. Its THAT good, i love the the fact they they had strawberry syrup all over which made it even more super duper strawberry like, it tasted like i was eating an actual strawberry!

On the other hand, Gelato Tempo has a more creamier taste if you're looking for very rich flavours. There are two kinds of flavours Fruity gelato's and yogurt gelato's. My preference would most probably be the yogurt gelato. and which one? YOGURT MELON! Its not too sweet and not too strong on the yogurt taste. 

If i had to pick between the two, i'd go for the Gelato! Very decent taste and I'm already thinking about planning my next trip to get myself one yogurt melon gelato. *drools* 


& the moment you've been waiting for, their new items on the menu coming this Ramadhan! On their new launching of popcorn, here's some info on whats the promotion is all about.
Source: Daily Fresh
Spot anything new on the list? you got that right, pop corn! I was lucky enough to be one of the first few people to try it out before it's even on sale. So here's what i have to say, it had five different flavours, which was Caramel, Seaweed, Sesame, Honey Dew and Spicy curry.

Don't they look adorable ?

Top: Spicy curry, Honey Dew
Middle : Seaweed
Bottom: Caramel and Sesame

I got my eyes stuck on honey dew, cause i love the taste of honey dew. And the fact its on pop corn?! HOW CAN I NOT BE EAGER TO TRY! Comparing it to other popcorn stalls, its much much cheaper than gourmet popcorn stalls, and despite paying less for it, it does taste pretty satisfying. Not just that, but it taste healthier than usual gourmet popcorn since its less sweeter and the taste is satisfying. 

The popcorn seed comes all the way from Indiana, so yes, its imported popcorn seed, but popped in Malaysia. If you're wondering how much a bucket of popcorn cost from the daily fresh, as mentioned earlier, its less than RM10, but really its less than RM8.

RM7.90 : Caramel Flavour (Because the ingredients are slightly pricier.
RM6.90: Spicy Curry, Honey Dew, Caramel and Sesame

So if you happen to pass by a daily fresh stall, why not drop by and try a bucket maybe? teehee. Its worth the try i assure you! My fav is still Honey Dew, so you should give that a go, unless you like the classical caramel coated popcorn. 

Spicy Curry and Seaweed! 

From left: Me, Anis, Tracy and Puteri.
I would like to thank Tracy and Mr Low, the Operation Manager of daily fresh in Sunway pyramid for having me there to do tasting. And also not forgetting the yummy treats for me to enjoy at home with my family. Before i end this post, i would like to pass this message on behalf of The daily fresh team, Selamat Berpuasa! Here's an E-Voucher that you can use till 4th August! Spend above RM8 and get a cup corn for free! Not a bad deal don't you think so? ;)

Source: Daily Fresh

Till my next post,
tata for now, Sara xx.


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