Saturday, July 5, 2014

Victoria Secret Haul [Its sale season ladies]

Common, who doesn't love Victoria's Secret? 

Since i had another week off before work starts again, why not take a stroll in One Utama to just spoil myself a little. Teehee. (Plus because my brother just wants to go shopping, so might as well). HAHA. And if you're wondering, this was last week from today, roughly during the end of June. So since it was mid year, they had sale signage's everywhere! From Forever 21 to Typo to Ralph Lauren to Kate Spade! And of course, Victoria's Secret too!

Well, since i needed new perfume, went to drop by VS to check them out. I was really eyeing on one perfume ever since last year from VS which was 'Noir Tease'. It was absolute love and its pretty hard for me to fancy perfumes as i can be very picky. But sadly, it wasn't on sale ): But i still got it anyways. So YAY! No regrets. Before i explain further on what i bought, here's an overall photo of my haul from Victoria Secret.

From just wanting to buy only the perfume, ended up over buying things from the sale section. Haha. Since i don't exactly have proper beauty products, might as well check it out and see what i need. As you can see from the photo above, i bought my perfume (LOVE), Jojoba Oil, Kabuki Brush and Shimmer Flash. Basically ended up buying things that I'm not even sure i'll use, but i will try to use it and talk about it maybe after this blog. haha. So let me just explain why and what i bought:

First up, my perfume!

Apparently the reason why i love this scent is because it smells sweet rather than strong and musky. This perfume was inspired by flirting, fun and game of surprising twist of juicy and flirtatious flowers. Not saying that I'm flirty, but theres no harm in smelling a little fun right? hehe *blush* Its generally a mixture of black vanilla, frozen pear and blooming gardenia. So the scent was pretty pleasing. Definitely satisfied with the scent. LOVE LOVE LOVE! 

Then i bought some stuff from the sale section since it was going as low as 70% off! How can i really say no? Couldn't help myself. hehe. So here are the 3 things u bought from the sale section.

Victoria's Secret Shimmer Flash
Original Price: RM110.00
Discounted Price: RM33.00 [STEAL]

If you're wondering whats a shimmer flash for, its actually like a loose powder for your hair and also maybe your neckline area. So i was thinking that i might need this when i go out for dinner to have my glittery neck showing. Saves me from days that i don't feel like wearing accessories!

Victoria's Secret Kabuki Brush
Original Price: RM42.00
Discounted Price: RM12.60

This might get in handy since i don't exactly have a proper blusher to use except for the ones that comes together with the blusher. And for less than RM13, why not?! So yes, i bought one of this to keep in my stash of treasures. hehe

Victoria's Secret Jojoba Oil
Original Price: RM79.00
Discounted Price: RM23.70

And last but not least would be this. Whats it for? Well the answer to that would be that its a body and hair conditioner to keep your skin feeling smooth and healthy with nutrients, which would help your skin look shiny and oh so sexy, from head to toe. So yes, i do have terrible bad hair days, so when i do feel like my hair needs some juice, this would be the solution!

Anyways, i believe that the sale is totally worth buying cause when sale is over, prices goes back up to original price. So be fast if you're planning to drop by Victoria Secret anytime soon! If i bought these three items from the original price it would sum up to RM231. So, instead of paying RM231, i paid only RM69.30. Thats tons of savings for me! :) Of course thats excluding the perfume i bought. But still, it made my purchase worth while. And that is why i love sales!  

Just thought i should share some of Victoria's Secret's if you know what i mean *wink. So, happy shopping guys. And please shop safe. Tata for now.

Much love,
Sara xx

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