Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My first Swedish Lymphatic Drainage Massage!

Hello everyone! Hope everyone had an amazing Chinese New Year with friends and family. In the mean time while you all were enjoying the festive season, i've gotten myself my first Swedish Lymphatic Drainage Massage. And yes, I'm gonna tell you all about it right here in my write up today.

And as we all know, i have to admit that i have fats around my thighs especially and the Swedish Lymphatic Drainage Massage sounds like it might be an easy way solution! The shop that provides this massage is located at Solaris Dutamas, Publika under the name of Face Factors Clinic. If you're wondering what it is, its a premier aesthetic and wellness clinic. And if you're wondering how the store looks like, here's a photo of the clinic for your convenience.

So i decided to park outside the shop itself which charges RM15 for the first 3 hours, and since the treatment is 2 hours, what the heck, for my convenience, RM15 wasn't as bad compared to the amount of time and petrol you'll spend looking and waiting for parking since i was already late for my appointment *woops* Supposedly my appointment was at 2.30pm but instead, i called them up, and they were really nice to tell me that its fine if i come slightly later which made me felt slightly relieved. I arrived at 3.15pm instead, and i was happily greeted by their staff at the reception.

The interior of the reception area.
Once i've introduced myself and told them that i had an appointment, i was directed to the massage room which was all ready for me. *Appointment benefits* The room had a lamp with dimmed lights, and the massage bed was like any ordinary massage bed. Very clean with clean sheets and also you can find disposable panties and bra for you to use so that theres no oil or soap gets stuck on your personal under garments.

And of course, with disposable garments, it means that we have to change into it and strip all the way down. #sigh. My blog post has been lately about stripping. WHY. It might be due to the 50 shades of grey phenomenon.  LOL. Anyway, back to the massage, I had two therapist treating me which was unusual, cause usually theres only one person serving you. (Special treatment much)

We started off with an Aromatic Slimming scrub and it felt amazing. It really felt like the scrub scrubbed all the dead skin and dirt away from my skin, and not to mention the heavenly smell. It was definitely relaxing. The Aroma Scrub generally helps to improve blood circulation and exfoliates unwanted properties on your skin and also it draws out excess water from the region whilst moisturising the skins surface.

After that, they applied some magical cream which is all the way from Sweden which is believed to make you lose fats through the amount of water you have in your skin. After applying it all over my body by both therapist, there was a slight heating sensation and it was really nice of the therapist to inform us about the effects of the cream so that we don't freak out for no reason.

BEFORE: Focus on the the area above my knee
(Please excuse my ugly thighs) 

AFTER: did you see that it went in?! Its like my thigh fats just disappeared! 

ARE YOU SEEING THIS?! the fats right around my knee just went away! I don't even know how but its instant within less than 10 minutes! (Must find out what they put in the cream) hehe. It felt like my thighs lost inches just like that. Dang it. How it works? My therapist was kind enough to explain that when they apply the cream at my thigh area, theres a blockage due to bad water retention. So the massage actually helps to unblock the blockage which reduces the water retention resulting to a smaller flatter surface.

And after losing fabulous inches, next up would be that they tucked me in this warm blanket, which looks something like this. My ultimate favourite part of the entire session.

It looks pretty heavy (which it is), but what it basically does is that it warms your body 360 in order to make you sweat. Talk about sweating without moving an inch, easy peasy. But before being wrapped, they will wrap you with a plastic sheet first, followed by wet towels and finally the hot blanket on top. Feels like I'm in a sleeping bag or a tortilla. teehee. So thats the whole idea of it, sweating like you've been running 30 minutes of your time to detox and also ensure the cream mixtures get absorbed into your skin.

Once that is done, it ended with a proper rub by the therapist to clean the sticky icky feeling thats all over your body to get you feeling fresh and clean again! Hooray! Felt so pampered. So you don't have to worry about continuing your day feeling like you have oil all over you, cause they did a good job on me to remove all the excess sweat and sticky feeling all over me. Felt like i just had a shower, but i didn't. hehe. But yes, it was definitely refreshening.

But red alert, after your massage, the therapist mentioned that i was not allowed to shower until 4 hours after the session. So yeap, pretty much more reasons why not to shower after a nice massage and hot blanket session.

If you're interested, they have first trials promotion price for you to try it for yourself. The Lymphatic Drainage Massage for 2 hours cost around RM350 per session or RM3500 for 14 Session. But for 1st timers, you only have to pay RM178 which i think seems pretty reasonable.

My treatment was done by Joose and Noreen who were my therapist of the day, #totd, and they were really nice and concern to me during the treatment, by asking if i wanted to go to the toilet first, or if i need a cup of water and more! Definitely coming back every once in a while since the prices of the treatments are slightly on the higher side, but the treatment is worth it! I ended my session with a cup of ginger tea to fully detox my body after a long nice massage, relaxing indeed.

My cup of tea.

Did i also mention that celebrities like Lisa Surihani, Atilia Haron, Thanuja and many more has been there too? So what are you waiting for. If you're having a stressed day or a need to be pampered, do drop by Face Factors Clinic!

Here's a list of treatments they provide if you're not interested in the massage for your convenience.

For more information, you can check out their Facebook page here or give them a call if you have any other enquiries.

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday, 10am - 7pm

D3-G4-2, No. 1,
Solaris Dutamas, Jalan Dutamas,
Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Contact Number: +603 6205 3508

Do leave a message at the comment box below if you have any questions, as i would really love to share my experience with you :)

Much loves,
Aliza Sara

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