Saturday, February 28, 2015

My TOP 5 items for 2015 from effortless Shopping!

Hello readers,

Its almost the end of February 2015, but its never to late to get a check list ready for the next 8 months right? And in this post, i've decide to come up with my top 5 picks that you must have from our one and only You can shop for anything, anywhere just within a few clicks on your mobile. Total effortless!
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So i've decided to try Lazada out and see if theres anything i like. Of course the whole internet online shopping sensation is still the same. Where convenience is just at your doorstep. Similar to the concept below where when a customer orders items, the seller packs and ships it directly to the front of your door step. Why spend on parking and petrol, when you can get someone else to do it for you? Especially for people like me, I'm always on the go, which gets pretty exhausting to be walking out to malls and find the things that i like. Oh so time consuming.

Visting Lazada, i find it fascinating  that their website follows the theme of the season, and like the screenshot below, its Chinese New Year! Talking about being in spirit, i love how online shopping makes you feel the joyful season is around. Keeping it up a notch to online shopping. yay! Gong xi, gong xi! They event have amazing promotions like the any pow special! Convenience and discounts, i couldn't resist!

And as for my top 5 items to have for 2015, here are my finds that i think i should have. Since we're starting a new year, a new look and action has to be taken. So the things i picked would be a cute bright outfit to welcome 2015 and also an action camera to record my actions in 2015 so that i can keep them for memories.

My top 5 Picks from Lazada: 

1. GloMinerals Floral Fantasy Collection, RM147.50 *Originally RM236.50
2. LZD Chunky Heel Pumps, RM42 *Originally RM89
3. LZD Halter Dress With Cutouts, RM24 *Originally RM79
4. Mini Satchel with Clasp in Cream, RM49 *Originally RM85
5. GoPro HERO4, RM1489 *Originally RM1599

Tadda, and if its not your top 5 picks, fret not, because there are tons of other items as well! From Electronics, to Fashion, to kitchen appliances, to mobiles phones, you can find almost anything there! So do check out and see what you got your eye on ;)

And as a bonus for reading this post, you are entitled a 10% off for today only, 28th February 2015, by just adding this discount code once you've checked out!

SATURDAY (28th Feb):    STORE10zqk

Don't forget to leave a comment and share it with me! i would love to know what you're style for 2015 is like. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Lazada by clicking here. Happy shopping!

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I'll end my post here and i hope you find this post informative! Enjoy your weekend and thank you for spending 5 minutes of your time on this post :) xoxo's

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  1. Ahh Lazada is my go-to place for tech stuff, but they are quite overpriced for certain products, based on my personal research. But anyway, was so great meeting you at the Chulips event the other day. Will look forward to bumping into you at other events soon!

    1. Hi Michelle! It was great getting to meet you too! Thanks for dropping by my blog by the way. And yes, i do agree that Lazada can go overpriced sometimes, but thats why i only shop when i have coupons to spend (confession of a thrift shopper) HAHA. Anyways, i hope i'll get to see you again soon! Don't be shy to say hi if you ever see me anywhere :)

      Aliza Sara xx