Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Dulcolax ; Your solution to Constipation

Lets talk constipation.
Hey y'all, this is a super duper late post but this is important if youre going through constipation. Believe me, i think almost everyone has suffered from constipation, including me, at some point. With reasons due to stress, lack of fibre diet, lack off exercise and many other possible reasons too.  But not to worry as constipation is a common thing, and its how you know that you body is working. And occasionally getting constipated myself, i think it really sucks when you dont know what to do about it. Thats why, Dulcolax is here to save the day!

Ms Carmenza, Head of Consumer Healthcare Malaysia & Singapore.
I was lucky enough to be invited to attend a chat session with some professionals, who were glad to share their findings and solutions to constipation. Just what i needed at the time. Dulcolax functions as a laxative, with more that 60 years of experience in the market. It comes in a form of a table and has provided predictable, overnight and gentle relief for constipation in more that 50 xountries worldwide!

We also had Ms Carmenza Alarcon, Head of Consumer Healthcare Malaysia & Singapore to share a thing or two about constipation where she mentioned that "Dulcolax is a gentle on the stomach because it acts only where its needed, and is clinically known to provide safe and gentle relief of constipation",

From left: Dr Sunita Derksen, Yasmin Hani, Carmenza and Kevin Zahri.
Present at the talk to debunk myths and misconceptions of laxatives usage was local actress Yasmin Hani and Kevin Zahri (fitness guru), who both shared their experience on personal views on alleviating constipation. Dr Sunita Derksen was also present to support the occasion.

Two types: Dulcolax Tablets and Dulcolax Comfort

Dulcolax is available in both tablets and suppositories to cover different needs. Available in a Dulcolax Tablets 5mg, packs of 30 tables and box of 200 tablets for gentle, predictable relief within 8-12 hours. Advised to take before going to bed, and be at ease the following morning.  For Fast relief would be the Dulcolax comfort shaped suppositories 10 mg (Adults) & 5mg (Children) that relieves constipation within 15-30 minutes. Dulcolax can be purchased from major pharmacies nationwide.

Kevin Zahri sharing his experience on constipation.
Kevin Zahri said that he has to admit that he has constipation issues at home daily, and he cant go a day without 'throwing what needs to be thrown' from the body. And he was hilariously sharing his home experiences about being a husband, and a father, who has constant commitment to his family, but sometimes he would lock himself up in the toilet for an hour or two when he's constipated. YIKES. But of course, he still advices to take in more natural fibres and live a healthy diet in oder to overcome constipation. Well said Kevin!

Yasmin Hani who also had a say on constipation.
Yasmin Hani who was present decided to share her experience when she was travelling as an actress and particularly to Cambodia. She mentioned that the place is just breathtaking, but due to eating a wrong meal which most likely interrupted her digestive system, she was in constipation for 3 days while she was there. Knowing that Dulcolax comes in tables, its now easy for Yasmin Hani to bring it around with her on her work trips and holidays to make sure constipation doest ruin her day.

Dr Sunita Derksen sharing her knowledge on the myths and misconception of Laxative.
Dr Sunita Derksen was there too who supported the occasion and shared the causes of constipation which was very informative, and we can conclude that no one really likes to be constipated. Dulcolax is a more gentle option than normal laxative which works like a charm overnight. And im pretty sure you must be curious on whats true, and whats not on Laxatives. So let me spill the deets for you:

Myths & Misconception of Laxative

1.“A diet lacking in fibre intake can cause constipation. Constipation can be treated by increasing dietary fibre content & dietary fibre supplements.”
Although a fibre-rich diet helps prevent constipation, increased fibre intake can worsen the situation for those with severe constipation.

2. “Increasing fluid intake can alleviate constipation.”
There is no evidence to suggest increasing fluid intake alleviates constipation. Increasing fluid intake can only successfully treat constipation when there is evidence of severe dehydration.

3. “A sedentary lifestyle contributes to constipation. Constipation can be treated by increasing physical activity.”
While older people find that being inactive could lead to or worsen constipation, there are usually other contributing factors eg. Medication, medical status, diet.

4.“During lactation, women cannnot take laxatives.”
Laxatives like Dulcolax can be used during lactation as neither active or derivatives component are excreted into mother's milk.

5.“Patients could become addicted to laxatives.”
There is no potential for addiction to laxatives although they may be misused by psychiatric patients.

6.“Women get constipated before their period.”
Despite hormones playing only a small part in constipation, some women find their menstrual cycle affects how often they go to the toilet.

7.“Laxatives can cause abdominal cramps.”
Well-known laxatives like Dulcolax has a comfort coating layer and will only work where it is needed. This reliable formula is safe that even lactating mothers could use it.

8.“Laxatives help with weight loss.”
Taking a laxative where there is no need for constipation relief will merely result in the loss of water, salts and nothing more.

9.“Laxatives can lead to a recurrence of constipation.”
There is no evidence that constipation comes back as soon as you stop taking laxatives for constipation.

10.“You have to be natural to be gentle.”
Dulcolax has a comfort coating, is gentle on the stomach and only works where it is needed.

Just because this cactus doesnt look constipated to me. haha
And there you have it! I hope this post was informative and for more information. For more information on Constipation, do visit where they feature useful facts, solutions, quick tips and as well as myths surrounding the use of laxatives. Or do visit for more information on Dulcolax. Hoping this solves your constipated needs.

Sara xx


  1. My solution for constipation is either lots of fruits + milk or soya bean OR prunes. They are very effective.

  2. My constipation solution is Banana and coffee also help! haha Last time I use to have constipation due to work stress, but after I change job with new environment, it improves alot =)

  3. Thanks for sharing this Sara. Now we know what to do when we have constipation :)

  4. Cheers to the share Aliza dear, will take a look at this soonest. There are many varied solutions of constipation but this is definitely good information on the tips and solutions on how to curb the issue :)

  5. I will normally consume more fruits and vegetables in my daily diet to avoid constipation problem though..I learn a lot from your post though. Nice! 😉👍🏻Cheers,

  6. Good info here. Interesting product as well. I rarely get constipated, but when I do , it's hell!

  7. Now I know what to look for when my tummy is feeling upset. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Try to keep your hydrated and eat well full of fibres. Eat food on time without skipping.

  9. Great info. I suffer when I travel though. For me papaya and sweet potato works best !

  10. hehe it's something that my friend suffers from and I can't imagine how terrible it is. must take lotsa fibre and supplements like these.

  11. Yup, most women are facing the constipation problem, including me! Will try out this brand if my problem get worsen sometimes after the big feast :)

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