Saturday, September 19, 2015

[Review] Pelicana ; Korean's favourite gourmet chicken

The launch of a new flavour
So whats up? :D Today i'll be talking about Pelicana, the Korean's favourite gourmet chicken. I was pretty excited the minute i heard about it, cause really, who doesnt love juicy fried chicken? hehe. And i shall take this opportunity to thank Pelicana for having me at the review session together with a few other bloggers as well. Now lets see, where should i start?

The setting of the restaurant.
2000 outlets opened in total.
Well, im pretty sure you would want to know where its located right? So this particular one is at Atria  Mall located in Damansara Jaya. And basically the hype of the day was to introduce Pelicana Chickens new flavour Yangnyeom chicken, and from the first photo in this post, you guessed it, GARLIC! Hehe. But if you would be interested in looking at the other dishes that they have in store, i have the menu attached for your convenience below :

From Korean combo deals, delights, side dishes, drinks and more, i dont think one visit would be enough to indulge the taste of what Pelicana has to offer. But in this post, i'll be talking more about their infamous gourmet chicken. So if you are unaware, there are 5 flavours including the newest flavour addition. Giving you options to pick either Original, Charcoal BBQ, Hot Spice, Spring Onion and Garlic.

Fried chicken without sauce.
The garlic sauce spread.
An employee spreading sauce all over the chicken.
Their gourmet chickens are specially prepared, individually coating each fried chicken with the desired sauce that you pick. And just from looking at how its being prepared, it really got me drooling. Not to forget that the garlic smell was really strong, tempting everyone to look forward to their first bite.

Just look at the sauce covered all over the chicken, even this photo makes me want more of it. Hehe.
I love how this tasted pretty sweet with a tinge of garlic. And the sauce was definitely the highlight of it, as it doesnt give leave a dry texture to the chicken.

Spring Onion
 I was told that this would be the kids favourite as its not spicy, leaving it to be a kids favourite choice at Pelicana.

Charcoal BBQ
 This was rather unique as it did have a charcoal BBQ taste of sweet, bitter and slightly spicy. A great dish to those who are adventurous, but not fan of dishes that are 'too' spicy.

 The original would be one of my personal preference as i enjoy the juicy taste of chicken without having the sauce overpowering the taste of fried chicken. Not sure if you get what im trying to say, but this goes to the food lovers who love the taste of originality.

Hot Spice
And this would be the ultimate that would burn your tongue. So to those who love it HOT, well, this would be the dish for you. On my first bite, it left me almost crying, but do note that im not a fan of RED HOT chilli. So my tolerance level is more to a medium level.

Forest Maracuja Mocktail
I decided to order their Forest Maracuja Mocktail, and to muslim friends out there, do not worry as they do not serve alcohol, so this drink is alcohol free. This has an interesting fusion as it had a berry taste with maybe the Koreans brown tea as the base flavour. Yums.

Korean Ramen.
Pure Chicken Breast Salad.
Here are some other dishes that we managed to try and it was pretty interesting too. The ramen is served with like a cheese based soup, and yes CHEESE. And on the other note, the salad had this famous dressing of yellow sauce from Korea. Not a fan of their salads, as i prefer my salad clean, but its worth the try :)

Student benefits.
Good news to student as they have additional discounts for you! Just show them your student ID and youre good to go with a rebate off your meal. Why not right?

Mandatory photo with food. :P
I had my fill for the day and i will definitely head back again, the prices are definitely affordable to me, serving nothing more than RM20 on individual meals. Such a steal! So what are you waiting for? Be sure to head to Pelicana when you get the chance to, cause their chicken is just mouthwatering.

For more information on Pelicana, do head over to For now, they have 2 branches available which is at Atria Mall or e@thecurve. Do not hesitate to leave any comments below to let me know what you think about it :)

Sara xx


  1. So this is what I missed. Hmm looks so good. Can't believe its almost a week ago and I'm still sick TT
    Anyway we should hang out there as you say. <3

    1. Yes we should babe! Soon ok? Im saving the vouchers for us to spend our time together at Pelicana :)

  2. Entry ini buat Pika sangat lapar! Babe, I don't know if your still remember me kita jumpa time event bubblegum wax hari tuuuuuu I mean duluuuuu... Hahahhaa..

    1. Hi Pika! This is seriously a must try. And Of course i remember you! Hehe. I havent seen you in a while la babe. I do hope to bump into you soon! Or we could always have coffee together :*