Thursday, September 17, 2015

Superdry VIP Day!

Thanks SuperDry for the VIP membership!
If you havent heard of Superdry, well you might need to be up to date with this particular brand. Superdry has been seen Kylie Jenner, Zac Efron, Hillary Duff and more. Its hard not to realise that this brand has made it to the top! Superdry usually uses excerpts of Japanese text, as their trademark of the brand, and surprisingly, its not even from Japan. Superdry fashion is actually a UK based brand which has been loved worldwide! And guess what, i recently went to attend their VIPDay which happened here in Malaysia at Pavillion on the 15th of September 2015, thanks to the Butterfly Project and Superdry for having me.

The Superdry VIPDay.
VIP's lining up, looking forward for their goodie bag.
Closed to the public. How exclusive is that?
So, whats special about the Superdry VIP day is that they had special goodie bags given away to the first 100 in line! As the event starts at 7pm onwards, the store was closed specially for Superdry VIP members. Not only that, but for members, they even had 20% off in store for all full priced items. Sweet! And the fun doesnt even ends there, they also had an in store promotion of RM50 OFF for every RM250 spent and RM100 off for RM450 spent which sounded like more reasons to spend to attendee's. haha

Juanita from Red FM all styled up in Superdry.
She even shared her thoughts on her outfit. (LOOKING SMOKING HOT THERE)
Mandatory group photo. Smile for the camera guys!
To make the occasion even more meaningful, we even had the team from Red FM to enjoy our VIP day. We had a stylist from Superdry to style them up in their trendiest outfits, and everyone of the Red FM team had something good to say about how comfy wearing superdry can be. (With the price tag on, it better be comfy right?!) hehe

Leonard loving their bags. its HUGE! 
Those fine details in their designs.
Superdry' collection of watches.
The merchandises are pretty high end, but for a premium brand i think its meant to be within that price range. HAHA. But i have no doubt that the quality of their products are pretty good, i love the asian Japanese touch to it, even though it came all the way from UK. Its funny that when i travel to Japan, i tend to see english words instead on their T-shirts sold on the streets.

All things pretty.
Decided to give this a try, and dont i look 10 years younger? haha
I checked out their collection, and i never knew that they had too adorable dresses! AHHHH! How kawaii (cute) is this?! I was so tempted to get it, but the price was a little bit too high for me as it was around RM300++, and i already overspent this month. - confession of a shoppaholic. haha. So instead, i got myself their sports bra which i can use for my runs. YES! So, expect seeing me running in style yo.

Photo credits: Superdry Malaysia FB
Me and the gang managed to get something from Superdry and boy we were happy alright. Just look at our faces. Personally i think i spent the most time picking a sporty outfit from Superdry since it was actually my first time laying my eyes on their sports collection. Too bad they dont have it for mens yet though. Theyre are two Superdry outlets in KL, one located in Pavillion KL and the other at Mid Valley Mall. So be sure to drop by and check out their latest colletion!

Joining fee's would be RM30 for first year, and annual renewal is priced at RM25.

The benefits of being a member:
- 10% off your purchases all year round
- One time privileges of 20% off your purchase, 30% off your birthday, complimentary T-shirt with RM500+ purchased and RM100 off any outerwear.

I think i've told you all the things that you need to know about Superdry already. If youre a fan, why not sign up for their membership, or if you never heard of Superdry, well might as well check it out! Im gonna end my blogpost here, and if you do have any questions, do not hesitate to leave me a comment :)

Superdry Malaysia facebook:

Thanks for dropping by!
Sara xx


  1. Love the dress on you girl! Next time when ada budget, should get it! :D

  2. so pretty ah your dress! Very floral spring vibe :)

  3. The dress looked cute on you. Did you get it? When I first found out that Superdry isn't from Japan, I was so amused. LOL

  4. wow I like Leonard holding the big bag, I like big bag too. Your dress really suit you. :D

  5. U look so cute in that dress babe!! Should have bought :D

  6. Wow! Their products are really nice.. Love the dress you tried, definitely 10 years younger.. or even more!

  7. wow their product looks beautiful. will check dem out

  8. Bestnya.. banyak benefit diberikan..
    supermom lah

  9. Heard about this shop too, gonna get a look there because their clothes seems to be simple yet beautiful!

  10. superdry...oh of the best brand that i aim for...

    ada 1 jeans jer... i should add more :p

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  12. Juanita is hot but oh wow, you in that dress looks so cute lah! But at RM300++ it is a bit too pricey for me too. Haha

  13. i wasn't there when they have such awesome event :( next time i will go definitely when they have this again. :)

  14. Heard so much about this brand, would really like to try it out too one day :)

  15. i am going to get the dress that u wearing!
    So cute i wan to be 10 years younger too!

  16. The clothes are definitely premium must be of high quality too and you look sweet in that pretty dress

  17. Awh the dress looks good on you Aliza dear :) Definitely will check out their merchandise soon.

  18. eh, you in that dress looks super cute. I love this brand, but have hesitated from getting one from them due to the pricing ><

  19. wait whaaaat, there's a Superdry Store in KL? Damn..... and I kept going to Bangkok to get my stuff.