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Maybank Go Ahead Challenge 2015 ; Season Of Smiles Campaign

Making a mark in Bukit Bintang.
With International participating countries which includes, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Brunei, China, Hong Kong, United Kingdom and the United States. With many participants up in game to be in the grand finalist to join the Global Maybank Apprentice Programed, participants are up to challenge themselves to compete from across the globe and engage with top leaders from diversified industries. Not an opportunity to miss if you’re up for an adventure. 

This year is all about the season of smiles!
This year, MGAC has many opportunities to offer to participants,  from a 2 week internship to New York, London, and Hong Kong , to  a “Transitioning  Leaders to CEO programed” and more life-changing experiences to earn a fast track pass onto the prestigious Global Maybank Apprentice Programme. 

Along Bukit Bintang, you will definitely notice the participants anticipation anywhere.
It has been running for quiet a while now, and recently marked their top 60 challengers from around the world to proceed to the final challenges. As part of the challengers, the global finalist of #MGAC2015 took over the entire area of Bukit Bintang designing creative projects and activities for the public, through their CSR fundraising initiative in the #SOS (Season Of Smiles) campaign. The 60 challengers were divided into a group of 10, consisting of 6 challengers for each team. 

Team Terminator // Disabled Children
Team Inception // The Elderly
Team Star Wars // The Blind
Team Avatar // Abused Women
Team Kingsman // Sexually Abused Children
Team Dark Knight // Single Mothers
Team Men of Steel // The Homeless
Team Transformers // Disabled Children
Team X-Men // Animal Welfare
Team Avengers // Disabled Community

If you were not aware that the teams were required to design their CSR project  and each of them had their own booth to design and also figure out on what is to be done to attract passerby’s along Bukit Bintang, to donate for a good cause. Since I managed to be there, here I am sharing to you my experience of watching these inspiring people trying to make a difference in the world. They really put a lot of effort into making this a success, be it rain or shine,  nothing could stop them from spreading the word of the season of smiles.

Puan Nora, Head of Group Human Capital showing some support
Puan Nora, Head of Group Human Capital showing some support.
At the event, we also had Puan Nora, the Head of Group Human Capital for Maybank Group to support the meaningful campaign. Among the 10 booths I visited, here are the few that really caught my attention. Booth ‘Shrooms’ has a special concept of providing a car simulator game and a pillow fight station, which was quite a work out.I love how they provide you with a space to just be young, and you are free to donate any amount to be given to the disabled community. 

Shroom had a relaxing concept of a room and a game station to play with.
Pillow fights on the streets, checked.
And of course, a donation box.
Next was ‘Sof-Toys’ booth, where they were raising funds for the disabled children. From having a really cute play house, to selling adorable cupcakes which you can decorate yourself too! The booth was one of the cutest booth I’ve seen as it looked like a giant present. Hehe. They even sang some melodies to attract passerby’s to possibly contribute to the cause. It definitely made me smile!

Sof-Toys had an amazing PINK booth which caught my attention
There was even a play house for kids to play in.
Tried out their games to possible win myself a tumblr. haha
I believe that each of the teams had their strengths of their owns when it comes to creativity, but im amazed on how much passion that they have put into this to really make a difference and raise funds for a good cause. ‘Hamilton’ here had a different way of spreading smiles! They were offering instant photo printing services for just RM5! And not only that, they were even giving recording services too to record your own cover of your favorite song for just RM10! Insane right? I was soo tempted, but I might make it rain. Haha

Even the rain couldn't stop Hamilton's booth to keep going strong.
The DJ's in the house to manage the studio.
The services provided to raise funds.
From dining in the dark, to fun pillow fights, and not to forget a chance to tryout the oculus rift, it was way too much excitement in just one-day of #SOS fundraising campaign. Being a humanitarian myself, I think it’s a great campaign organized by Maybank, and im glad to see the youth taking action into giving back to society. Every team seems to be a winner to me, because they have hearts more valuable than gold. 

Group photo of all the 10 teams in 1 photo .
All good things usually would need to come to an end, and at the gala night, the event was held at Mandarin Oriental to announce the winners for the #MGAC2015. If youre wondering who won, drum rolls please…

The winners of the night was announced at the gala night.
Champion: Team Star Wars (USD 40,000)
1st Runner up: Team Terminator (USD 20,000)
2nd Runner up: Team X-Men (USD 10,000)
Most Popular Team #MGAC2015 Team: Team X-Men.

Even Blogger Mary Jane and JessietheKLchic was there too with me to support the event.
Congratulations to the winning team who walked away with amazing cash prized and global internship opportunities! And to those who didn’t win, dont be too down about it cause you’re definitely a winner to me too. You guys freaking made it to the top 60 finalist, and there over Billions of people in the world. You definitely deserve a pat on the back for being the chosen ones (: As of now, I do hope to see you again in the Maybank Go Ahead Challenge 2016 next year! If youre rooting for a chance of a lifetime yourself, be sure to keep yourself updated by checking out Well, Thanks all for now.

Sara xx


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