Thursday, October 25, 2018

BeautyExpo 2018 Tour | Top booths you missed!

Hello beauty enthusiast, before the month ends, I'd like to share with you my experiences of attending my first ever BeautyExpo 2018 which was held at KLCC, within the heart of Kuala Lumpur. I was actually a little skeptical on whether if they have a nitch to attend to non-business visitors such as myself, but surprisingly, you'll find tons of new gadgets and beauty revolution that left me pretty impressed after my visit. Not to forget the gadgets and beauty products that I managed to snag during my visit. #noregrets!

Honestly, not all the booths targeted to make consumer sales during the BeautyExpo, but there were also a number of booths which were selling tons of beauty gadgets and products which were actually cheaper than in stores! But before I go in depth, let me just share with you a few facts about the BeautyExpo 2018. The Beauty Expo 2018 is organized by UBM Asia and has over 380 international and local exhibiting brands promoting in areas of beauty, hair, nail, makeup & education, natural & health and as well as halal cosmetics.

It's a 3-day long exhibition, in which I've managed to attend for the second day, exploring each corner of the BeautyExpo to see what I can find. I personally think that the Expo is a great way to explore business opportunities and it also gives attendees networking opportunities in terms of quality and quantity. During my tour around the expo, I managed to learn about new beauty technologies, trends, and innovations giving me some insights into the beauty industry on a worldwide scale. Check out what brands that caught my eye below.

#1 Weilan MYS Enterprise (Booth No 1098) 

The minute I stepped into the BeautyExpo, this booth was the first booth I saw. WeiLan was established in 2015 as a mobile e-commerce platform, and throughout the 2 years when they started a business, they have proven themselves to be a world-class mobile internet e-commerce platform! I was pretty impressed with the collection since it had this magical touch to it.

#2 Skinphy Sdn Bhd (Booth No 1097)

Next would be a little something by Skinphy, where its a dreamland for K-beauty fans. This booth offered all kinds of products, including an oil mask that would definitely get you excited on what they have to offer. What actually attracted me here was that they had this special brush that can be used when you shower. First time hearing about this, and I guess it kinda made my visit worthwhile as I learn about new things that are in trend within the beauty industry.

#3 KD Medical Co Ltd (Booth No 1129)

Next would be a little something more high tech as this would be a must-have for those who seek flawless skin. When I made my stop here, I was introduced to Lady Rhea which is recommended for those who wants to reduce blackhead,s acne, large pores, improve skin condition and as well as to really cleanse the skin to gain back clean and soft skin. This was pretty interesting to see, and im impressed that it has been exclusively designed to be used at home and even for professional use too!

#4 Touch Beauty & Health (Shenzhen) Co Ltd (Booth No 2034)

Another booth that attracted my attention was at the Touch Beauty & Health booth, where they showcased their exclusive beauty devices for face, and even body care! It really felt like a hands-on showcase as we get to try and feel the products that were displayed on the table. If you seek for personal care devices, this is definitely what you should be looking out for.

#5 B&B Labs (Booth No 2072)

Walking deeper through the expo, I found myself discovering something familar to see! I remember getting testers of this featuring pretty interesting ingredients, and being able to be there myself at their booth was an eye opener on how much the evolution of beauty has grown. Other than being famous for this skincare using mangosteen extract within its ingredients, I even saw a skincare that uses durian extract to create the skincare. Shocked, but pretty impressed that they have taken the extra effort to explore into the benefits of our tropical fruits to our skin.

Honestly, theres just a lot to share, but so little time! I wish i had the whole time in the world to share with you on how exciting my BeautyExpo journey was, but i guess i'll keep it short up till here. Trust me, if you havent been to a BeautyExpo before, then you should really plan your year ahead by attending next year's BeautyExpo so that you wont miss out on the things that i've seen. No regrets, and im definitely looking forward to next year. hehe

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