Wednesday, October 24, 2018

[REVIEW] Zephyrine Classic Starter Pack | Honest Sharing

So, it has been almost a month that I've been using Zephyrine Classic, and if you don't remember the introduction I did on the brand, well, just hover over here to read all about it. Im going full-on honest on my thoughts of the brand because this post deserves an honest post. Before I start off with my overall review, let me just highlight to you that I have oily combination skin, thus more or less, if you have the similar skin type as me, you would most likely experience the same thing.

Usually, I start using the Zephyrine Classic Starter pack right after cleansing my face with cold water. Right after cleansing, I would use the 1 | Zephyrine Rose Essence Treatment lotion, a fresh textured enhancer that accelerates absorption of lotion and essence. My personal thought on this is a little different as I find that this toner very moisturizing that it may take longer that your average toner to absorb. Not that its all bad, but I love the idea that instead of leaving my skin dry (like most toners do), this somehow takes a moment to be fully absorbed by the skin, and I really enjoy just seeing water droplets covering my face. Take a moment to let the treatment lotion to sink in.

Next, I would use my favorite serum, followed by the 4 | White Truffle Repairing Cream. The cream claims to revive impaired skin with premium ingredients and forms an efficient protective film for the sensitive skin and I can't agree more. When I say protective film, I really mean that once you apply, it feels like you're wearing a silky thin layer that feels like it protects your skin. Unlike your typical moisturizer where you would want it to be fully absorbed, this is a little different.

I usually like to apply the cream at all 5 points of my face, and just gently spread it out evenly. Personally, i would prefer wearing a thin layer of serum plus moisturizer, then to lock in all those good nutrients for the skin, the White Truffle Repairing Cream would be a protective layer to ensure that it locks in all the good stuff in the skin barrier. Because it leaves this silky layer on your skin, I have the tendency of not wanting to apply any makeup (which I did go to work without makeup), just to find my colleague complementing me on my skin. NOT KIDDING! Rest assured, when you have good skin, you won't exactly need to wear makeup on a daily basis.

And to complete the Zephrine Classic Starter Pack, I've been obediently using their Placenta Extract Repairing Mask which is a mask that is an ultra light mask that provides reviving essence and luxurious moisture for the skin. The box had sadly only 3 pcs of masks, which only lasted me for about 3 weeks, and the results are remarkable! Each mask has layers in pearl, cotton and a plastic blue film, so before using it, please keep in mind to remove the pearl and blue film when you apply the mask on.

During my off days, I usually like to remove my blackheads, which leaves my skin with reddish spots, so to just soothes the pores, I decided to apply this mask and guess what? After leaving this on for about 20 minutes, my skin was glowing! No more red spots and my skin was soft like a baby's bottom! hehe. For maximum results, I would advise that you use all these 3 products at one go, but for maintenance, the Rose Essence Treatment Lotion and the White Truffle Repairing Cream is enough.

As a verdict, I would actually label the Zephyrine Classic Starter Pack as one of the extraordinary skincare that you would want to try out. I actually love how natural it feels on the skin, and fact that it doesn't feel like it contains chemicals at all was a bonus. Since I occasionally mix these products with other brands (such as my serum and moisturizer) I would have to say that the Zephyrine Classic products actually boost any product in contact with it! So, as a conclusion, if you're looking for skincare with boosting results, you have to try the Zephyrine Classic Starter Pack to experience natural beauty yourself.


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