Tuesday, October 16, 2018

[BEAUTY] Swanicoco Limited Edition Velvet Lipstick | Juliet Red

Reviewing the Swanicoco Limited Edition Velvet Lipstick in Juliet Red
You cant keep changing men, so you settle for changing your lipstick, or as the saying goes. Other than giving you that extra boost in confidence, did you know that every shade of lipstick you wear has its own story to tell? According to studies, lipstick may enhance the color of your eyes and it makes your eyes look bigger, making the choice of color important. Thus, I personally fancy lipsticks that are versatile in creating different looks, one of it being an exclusive brand by Swanicoco.

Fermented beauty
In case you haven't heard of Swanicoco, the brand holds a very repetutive image being one of the top natural cosmetic companies in the Republic of Korea. Fermentation being their secret to beauty, Swanicoco embraces the fermentation process where particles become smaller to enhance the absorption rate on the skin. My personal attraction towards the brand is that they use natural ingredients that would not irritate the skin. Not to forget since its fermented, amino acids and antioxidants are generated to treat the damaged skin while preventing skin aging. You heard it right, this is a lipstick that makes you look great while repairing the skin on your lips throughout the day.


Close up on the packaging and lipstick
Juliet Red taking stage even before the application
Juliet red being 1 out of the 3 limited edition shades, on a first impression, I was pretty shocked at how bright the shade is! Initially was a little worried on whether if the tone would suit my skin, and surprisingly, the colour is stunning! Upon swatching, i also noticed that the pigmentation of this formulation is very good as you'll only need 1 swipe to apply it over your lips. The shade features a reddish undertone orange that can be buildable based on your personal prefference. (Scroll below to see what im talking about.)


One swipe is all it takes
When its contact with water, it doesn't smudge!
Starting off with the texture, I personally LOVE the texture the minute I slide it over my lips. Trust me, I am not exaggerating. Despite giving my lips a very matte velvety texture, I am truly impressed that it doesnt leave my lips feeling dry at all. In fact, I feel that im lip condition improved after using the Swanicoco in Juliet Red consistently for about a week. It actually feels very lightweight, comfortable and soft throughout the day, but if youre a heavy (messy) eater, then reapplication may be required.


Korean Gradient Lip (by applying to the inner center of the lips) 
Full application all over lips
Being a brand from Korea, there are 2 very popular ways of using this. One being the tinted lips where there is a gradient of colors starting from the inner lips moving outwards. The other way of using this would be to apply it all over the lips, for a full lip look. I actually like that it has this tinted feature as they make beauty look so effortless in a sense where you can choose to wear it in a casual everyday makeup look or go full on Grab with full lips.


Whats my say on Swanicoco
As a verdict, I would have to say that the formulation of this lipstick definitely won my heart. Other than feeling very lightweight and comfortable on the lips, I also noticed that my lips look so much healthier after constantly using this over a few days. I have cracked lips when its left dehydrated for too long, and the Swanicoco Velvet Lipstick did a swell job in keeping my lips looking moist and healthy. Currently, it retails at RM98.72 (Promotion price: RM88.85) on 50gram.com.my, and I would consider the price to be slightly steep, but functionality wise, I make you look great while it improves your lip texture. Why pay for a lip mask when a lipstick can get all the job done for you? Hehe. Honestly, I can't wait to get the other 2 shades that are yet soon to arrive in Malaysia!

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