Monday, October 15, 2018

Fernleaf UHT Milk | My Morning Routine

Hey, guys so today I'll be sharing with you a thing or two about my everyday breakfast. Being over my mid-twenties I realized that my bones are getting weaker in a sense that my knees are weak when it comes to supporting and I am experiencing that my body weight is getting so much heavier to carry on a daily basis. Be active and sports and ballet, in order to do the things that I love to do I realize that I need to get the right nutrition into my body, and one of it would be milk to strengthen the bones.

If you have been following my Instagram posts, you would have noticed that I've been sharing about Fernleaf UHT milk. Honestly speaking I am very particular with the milk that I can consume (since im not really a huge fan of milk), but trust me, if you're like me, I find Fernleaf UHT milk to be one of the milk that I find taste really yummy! Leading to the topic of the day I would like to share with you on what I found about Fernlead UHT milk after doing some research.

Surprisingly, what makes Fernleaf UHT milk different from the regular milk that you consume, the source of Fernleaf milk comes from cows in New Zealand where they are free to graze outdoors almost all year round and it result to that producing nutritious milk. With the cows having a healthy lifestyle I believe that healthy cows can produce high-quality nutritious milk. Did you know that New Zealand is a country with fertile soil excellent rainfall and abundant Sunshine making it one of the best places in the world to produce milk?

New Zealand office high quality of grass cozy-climate clean air and water for Fernleaf happy cows produce milk naturally without needing any form of milk booster. I guess it's true what they say it's when you are happy you do things with your heart and this goes for the cows as well. Hehe.  Fernleaf has over 140 years of experience in dairy farming and their farmer's Heritage and expertise have made New Zealand a world leader in dairy today.

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If you think that milk is only for drinking then you are wrong. There are honestly so many ways to enjoy milk and just to share with you a few examples of dishes that I like to pair with milk. Typically most people like to enjoy their milk with cereal but for me, I like to enjoy milk with my fruits my toast and even pancakes! If I get a little busy to prepare my breakfast I would secretly use banana and milk to make my pancakes fluffy and creamy in texture, trust me it's sooo good! Never underestimate the power of milk.

I started consuming milk when I was 25 diligently which was when I realized that my bones were getting weaker and it has approximately been about a year now and I am so thankful that my bones do feel so much stronger than before. Other than that, milk also strengthens immune system nourishes dry skin makes teeth strong and healthy and also improves healthy digestion that gives your skin that healthy glow and improve body health as well. Milk is rich sources of calcium and minerals, and it's a great way to maintain your body strength and health by just consuming a glass of milk every day. 

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