Wednesday, November 14, 2018

[REVIEW] G6354T Cardio Tower F2W | BH FITNESS

Presenting to you the G6354T Cardio Tower F2W
Hey guys, I found a new workout toy to play with and good news! Its compact and multifunctional for those who prefer to workout from home. Sometimes, big equipment’s aren’t exactly a preferred choice when it comes to small spaces, but with the G6354T Cardio Tower F2W you’d be spoilt with the variety of workout routines that you can achieve with this equipment. Check out my thoughts on it by scrolling away into this post. 

How it looks like when its folded
My favorite workout has always been cardio workouts, but this time around, I actually feel like I’m in need of something more versatile that can challenge me to more variety of workouts that I can do. Since I came across the G6354T Cardio Tower F2W, I have to say that I’m impressed with the features where you can do cardio workouts, toning workouts and even practice on strength, making it the perfect workout equipment to suit both male and female.

Take it as an all in one machine where it combines multiple exercising equipment’s. From beginners to intense workouts, this equipment offers three disciplines with the same machine and it's been designed to save space in your home. Equipment’s like this are the ones that I usually need since im not much of a commercial gym junkie as I like to workout within the area of my home sweet home. 

So first up would be the cardio feature. For cardio, it can be used as a treadmill which I find pretty amazing. Cardio is my go-to workout when im lazy to do my reps on body weight workouts. Hehe. So the treadmill can be folded and has this digital controller for you to control your speed and time, just like any other treadmill would offer. I find this feature convenient especially when you want to pace yourself with your timing. 

Tone your body by doing knee raises (With back support cushion available on the side)
Next would be the toning workouts. By toning, I mean you can really tone your body by doing knee raises and leg raises by just adding a back support cushion which is included with the equipment. Leg raises is not easy to perform for beginners so you may start by doing knee lifts as a start. Since the tower has thickly padded arm pads, you can comfortably hold your body in the right position during the movement. 

Also, you can simply use the tower when everything is folded into its standard condition as the power tower. I believe this would be highly fascinating for the boys as they can train their pull-ups, dips, body weight squat, hanging knee raises and so much more! I honestly have weak upper body strength, thus this offers a great way to slowly train my upper body strength. 

My all time favorite workout with resistance bands
It'll definitely challenge you and your strength
Not to forget that if you have resistance bands with you, this equipment also provides loops for you to hook your resistance bands onto the equipment. I personally find this as a favorite to me as it really challenges your body strength, especially the core with the slightest support of the resistance bands to keep you going steady. Ladies, you’d know what I’m talking about. hehe


What are my thoughts on the Cardio Tower from BHFitness?
As a verdict, I would have to say that this is a great equipment of beginners and regular fitness junkies as it offers a variety of options for you to break a sweat. As strength takes a process of a variety of workouts to achieve your ideal strength, this equipment is perfect for you to gradually train as you build up your fitness and strength. But if you're going extreme on workouts, you may also use a weight vest or ankle weights to enhance your workouts with extra resistance. I would highly recommend you to get this if you're looking for a multifunctional training equipment for your home as it serves its purpose without needing you to go to a gym. 


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