Monday, November 12, 2018

NION BEAUTY | Negative Ion Silicone Skin Cleansing Device

Managed to made my way to the launch of Nion Beauty X dUCk Cosmetics
Not sure if you can recall on my post on the NION BEAUTY earlier, but let me tell you on how much I love it right now. Ever since i started cleansing with the NION BEAUTY, i noticed that my skin looks and feels so much better! Why? Well, im assuming its all thanks to the negative ion charged skin silicone cleansing device by NION BEAUTY. With these negative ion particles, it helps you clean up invisible environmental toxins from the skin during each cleansing session you have daily.


The first time i heard about Nion Beauty, i got curious on what makes ion any different when cleansing
In case you're wondering what these negative ions are, they usually occur in abundance of deep forests and near waterfalls. The scientist believes that it's these negative ions that help to purify the air and eventually improve our overall sense of well-being. With that in mind, imagine these negative ions work like tiny magnets that attach to positive charged environmental toxins on the skin, which is now easy to wash off all thanks to the NION BEAUTY.

Previously it was only at 80 *inserts shocked face here
Now you know what these negative ions do, aren't you glad that we have the NION BEAUTY to give our skin an extra boost of cleansing in the comfort of your home? Hehe. Getting into detail on the NION BEAUTY, the silicone bristles are made out of premium grade silicone, and it stands out from many cleansing devices that already exist today. You can also say goodbye to harsh soaps and chemicals, as all you need is a good cleanser to scrub all the harmful toxins from your skin almost instantly with this device.


Cleansing demostration
Other than negative ions, did you know that with the NION BEAUTY, you'll be cleansing your skin through a kinetic cleansing method? The concept of it is that it uses an up and down motion against the skin's surface, eliminating friction caused by rotating scrubbing motion. It has also been found that it helps keep the skin more naturally supple and resilient too. The result of this method has been proven to give healthier skin which retains its natural moisture and elasticity.


The NION BEAUTY Opus Expess
Currently, there are 3 variants of the cleansing device and an eye mask available if you're looking try it out for yourself. For travel goers, you may consider getting the disposable Opus2Go which would give you the benefits of a full sized Opus cleanser in a convenient size. Or if you're looking to get the full-sized cleansing device at a budget, you may consider checking out the Opus Express (which is the one im currently using right now) for a wonderful cleansing experience.

You can even get a little hands on by cleansing an orange
But if you're looking to splurge a little, you may consider trying the Opus Renew pack of 3 or known as the Opus Renew eye mask which claims to lessen the appearance of dark circles. Honestly, I find this a little too good to be true, but its worth to give it a shot since they claim that the results have been proven. Going into a more exclusive cleansing device, you might as well splurge a little on the Opus Luxe which fully covered with silicone with a 20% larger cleansing surface. It also features 3 speed of pulsating lifting massage vibration and it also comes with a USB rechargeable battery so you won't have to worry about looking for batteries all the time. hehe.


You can now get it exclusively at dUCk Cosmetics in Pavilion
Well, if you're excited to get one for yourself, the NION BEAUTY is now available at dUCk Cosmetics! I've managed to check out the store in Pavilion, and you can get a little hands on the product before purchasing. YAY! Alternatively, if you're not living in Kuala Lumpur, you may also check out their official website to purchase online. Feel free to hit me up if you may want to know more about the product, and I'll try my best to share with you on what I know. Do check out the links below for more deets. xx


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