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[REVIEW] Haruharu | Fermentation Korean Skincare

Haruharu invades Malaysia with femented skincare
It's insane to think that skincare has been brought to a whole new level. And as you can see, the title of this post practically speaks for itself. In today's post, I'll be sharing with you my hands on experience with my first Haruharu moisturizer which I've gotten myself to try out and share with you my thought as an overall. As you know, the idea of fermentation has been a technique by the Koreans to preserve food for a longer period of time since they didn't have refrigerators back then. Going into beauty history, did you know that medicines and cosmetics were used by women in the royal chambers had adopted the same fermentation method too? Keeping traditions into the current generation, Haruharu presents a unique collection of Fermented skincare that would give you that ancient natural glow.

Going back to traditional ways for better skin
One thing that really caught my attention was that the product has incorporated traditional ways of fermentations into today's beauty industry. The idea was originated from Korea and in fermentation, it usually involves natural plant-based ingredients such as ginseng, team flower and herbs making it safe, non-invasive and harmless for the skin. So, when I got my hands on the Haruharu Wonder Skincare Series which features 4 different variants, I was super excited to try it out for myself as it's my first fermented skincare ever! Now let's get in-depth on details.

Honey Green Aqua Bomb

Honey Green Aqua Bomb in 90g
Has a slightly transparent texture
Texture: Rather thick, but super moisturising!
First up would be the Honey Green Aqua Bomb which I've been told is suitable to provide moisture for the skin. I was recommended to use the Honey Green Aqua Bomb since I have oily skin, as it penetrates active ingredients from green tea into the skin deeply. We all know that green tea has detoxing benefits, and after doing a little research, did you know that fermented tea activates more of anti-oxidants from its ingredients? The main ingredients being green tea and honey with hyaluronic acid, it feels very light on the skin and it has this very light scent of fermented tea which almost smells like herbs as you apply it on your skin. Im not a fan of creams, but surprisingly, this works pretty well on my skin.

Honey Green Brilliant

Honey Green Brilliant
Creamy Texture
Slightly thick, but eventually absorbs by the skin pretty well
Moving on to another variant, the Honey Green Brilliant is for those who seek to brighten dull skin. Suitable for all skin types, its excellent in brightening and repairing the skin. The key ingredients feature fermented green tea, with honey and niacinamide, which helps you to get that extra glow with anti-inflammation and regeneration benefits. I was advised to use this together with the Honey Green Aqua Bomb to maximize results as it repairs, moisturized and gives the skin a gentle glow. Talk about dual benefit! hehe.

How To Use

On the go tubes in 30g (My current travel buddy)
Now you know the two products I've gotten myself, you might be wondering how I incorporate this into my skincare regime. Usually, I would cleanse my skin, apply toner followed by Haruharu Honey Green Aqua Bomb followed by Honey Green Brilliant, spreading it out evenly in an outward motion. Once it's fully absorbed, I like to lightly tap my skin to enhance the absorption. It takes a while for my skin to absorb the cream, but despite it having a rich texture, it blends into the skin pretty well making it perfect as a makeup base. hehe. Bonus points!

I personally practice using these 2 for maximum results and so far, im loving it! It has been roughly 2 weeks now since I started using, and I find that my skin is so much softer and bouncier after using this combination. I was also suffering from breakouts cause I 'over-scrubbed' my face with microbead, and the Haruharu was practically a life savior for saving my skin. Just for your information, Haruharu products are exclusive because they've applied their very own patented natural liposome which encourages healthy skin functions, targetting a multitude of skin imperfections! What more can you really ask for from a cream?

Mandatory photo with the collection
Haruharu Prologue Mask Series
Other than the products im using, they also have other variants and series that I have 'yet' to experience it for myself. For those who are seeking for anti-aging benefits, you should consider trying the Maqui Berry Anti-Oxidant, while if you're looking more on targeting on skin repair, it would be recommended that you consider trying the Honey Green Repairative.  Also, the Haruharu Prologue Mask Series has a great range targetting anti-aging, brightening, repairing and moisturizing for a quick dose of benefits for the skin. Well, leave me a comment below if you may want to know more, and I'll do my best to get back to you when I can as I love reading your comments and questions. Till my next post. xx


Available at SENHENG outlets 
Pandan Jaya, SS2, USJ Taipan, Kepong, Bukit Tinggi, Setia Alam

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