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[REVIEW] Miniel Skinlab Boost Serum & Gel Mask

Hey guys! We all love holidays done we? And in my case, I love being on the beach. But I'll be honest that with all the skincare, sunblock and beach hair after your dip in the sea, coming home from a holiday takes some serious damage repairs that need to be taken into consideration. So in today's post, I'll be sharing about a new skincare range I discovered called Miniel which has been carefully formulated with skin-loving ingredients to create the best skincare recipe that affordable for everyone. My main interest over Miniel is because it claims to be effective, affordable, and gentle making it suitable for even sensitive skin to use.

Currently, Miniel Skinlab features 2 products namely the Hydraque Boost Serum and the Hydraque Gel Mask. Both these products are suitable for all skin types and its suitable to be used for day and night usage. After browsing through the site for some research, I would have to say that these products are exclusively formulated to hydrate even the dryest skin making it an ultimate must-have for me cause I love skincare that hydrates the skin. Did you know if you hydrate your skin well enough, you'll naturally gain naturally glowy skin too? YES! Let's jump into the review.

Hydraque Boost Serum

The Miniel Skinlab Hydraque Boost Serum has been designed to be the ultimate hydration booster. On a first impression of the packaging, it comes in a box that has been wrapped in double layer plastic and when you take the product out, it comes in a frosted pump bottle that contains 30ml of serum goodness! The function of this serum is to provide your skin with supple and hydrated skin. With key ingredients such as yeast extract and hyaluronic acid, there's no doubt that it would hydrate and promote skin regeneration.

To use this serum, I would usually apply this after cleansing and toner. It comes in a transparent gel-like form and I was really impressed with the texture! Its like waterbased gel which eventually absorbs really well on the skin and not to forget that it feels super duper lightweight too! I also noticed that it leaves a cooling effect on the skin and it's really soothing and calming. All you need is one pump and I personally would suggest to lock the serum in with a good moisturizer of your choice.

With yeast extract and hyaluronic acid as the main ingredient, this makes the product antioxidant, helps to reduce redness, its calming on the skin, hydrating, moisturizing, it retains moisture, reduces fine lines and promotes anti-aging too. What more can you really ask for from a serum? I just love the fact that it feels very natural on the skin and my skin does look brighter and supple after application too. Priced at RM97 a bottle, I would say that the quality of the product is really impressive!

Hydraque Gel Mask

Next would be the Hydraque Gel Mask which I believe has a higher concentration of hydration for the skin. Like if your skin is extremely thirsty for hydration, this would be what you need. The purpose of this gel mask is to provide hydration and promote skin healing which contains key ingredients such as kudzu root extract and fruits extract. It's suitable for all skin types and its especially beneficial for dry and dull skin. It comes in a frosted jar of 50ml and I truly appreciate the fact that the box also had a spatula in it to retain its freshness instead of the chances of contamination when using your fingers to scoop the gel out.

Since the hydration concentration of this product is higher, it's advisable to use this twice a week. In my case, since I don't have serious dryness on my skin, I use this once a week and its good enough to give my skin an extra boost of hydration. In terms of texture, it is very similar to the serum where its transparent in color, but I do feel that the thickness of it is thicker and when you leave it on the skin, the gel really stays on like a gel mask. I usually apply this over the weekend after cleansing and leave it on for about 15 minutes then rinse it off. You'd be amazed at how cooling it is for the skin too! Perfect for those who have concerns such as open pores.

After about a week of using this, I would have to say that it does soothe and calm inflammation skin, brightens the skin, promotes cell regeneration and also increases skin elasticity too! Formulated with Kudzu Extract, Watermelon Extract, Apple Extract, Lentil Extract, and Sodial Hyaluronate, it calms and reduces the skin from redness, it cleanses and gently exfoliates, moisturizes, improves oily skin, deeply hydrates, reduces fine lines, provides anti-aging benefits and retains moisture as well. Enough said I am hooked onto this as my weekly mask on a hot sunny day. Priced at RM67.00, I would have to say that its a pretty sweet deal.

As a verdict on both these products, I would say that the range focuses a lot on hydration as an overall. In terms of quality, I am in love! It's both waterbased, making it feel really comfortable and cooling on the skin while providing skin benefits to keep your skin looking supple and refreshed. Each time I apply the mask or serum, it really never fails to leave my skin feeling cool. In terms of the price, serums may be on the higher side, but since it contains hyaluronic acid, the price suits the benefits that you'll get. On the other hand, the gel mask seems to be a pretty good deal if you ask me and its good enough to last you for about 3 months if youre using it weekly.

Would I repurchase? I honestly say that I would! If I had to choose either to purchase the Miniel Skinlab Boost Serum or the Miniel Skinlab Gel Mask, I'd go for the Miniel Skinlab Gel Mask cause I love the fact that it really gives your skin an instant boost in hydration effortlessly. The price for both products are reasonable and to be honest, I really hope they come up with more products soon cause I am genuinely impressed by the range. Well, that's all for now and I hope this review gave you the insights that you may need. Please feel free to leave me a comment below if you may have any questions unanswered. Also, thanks to the butterfly project community for introducing Miniel Skinlab to me. Now I officially have a favorite gel mask to use every now and then.

Miniel Skinlab

Expires: 30th August 2019

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