Tuesday, August 13, 2019

#KamiCaring Run 2019 | 17 November 2019

Its never to late to keep up with your new years resolution for the year by ending the year with a healthy run with CARiNG Pharmacy. We all know CARiNG Pharmacy to always be there when we need them to be, and this year making its first official running event, CARiNG promotes "Healthy Life. Happy Life" by bringing you #KamiCaring Run 2019 which will be held at Perdana Botanical Garden, Kuala Lumpur on 17th November 2019.

CARiNG Pharmacy is dedicated to provide cost-effective solutions to the community and also believes that whatever your age, physique, or body shape is, its never too soon or too late to start living healthily. I couldnt agree more! I may have stopped personally since im pregnant, but im forever ready to get back on track cause i too believe that a healthy lify is a happy life. Other than reducing health problems, practicing a healhy life a natural way to invest in your health and life to the fullest! 

This being their first running event, the #KamiCaring Run 2019 comprises 5KM Fun Run for beginners and 12KM for Competitive Runners. The 5KM Fun Run is open for adults 13 years and above and children between the age of 3 and 12. The 12KM run on the other hand is open for adults 15 years and above, where participants below 18 years old may need to obtain parental/guardian consent to compete.

For some of you who are medal collectors, well good news! All particants will be entitled to a race-shirt, finishers medal and a goody bag. So to ensure that you dont miss out on all the fun, be sure to register before 9th October 2019. There will also be awards being presented to winning particiants for those who compete in the 12KM Competitive Run where there will be cash prizes up fo grabs for the top 10 winners under category ( Mens Open / Veteran/ Womens Open / Veteran) inclusive of consolation prizes.

If youre not here to win it, then you may also get your lucky star out of your pocket and be a prt of their Lucky Draw contest which will be held during the event. Prizes for the lucky draw will be annouced on the day of the run. The #KamiCaring Run 2019 is organised by CARiNG Pharmacy sponsored by Abbott, VitaHealth, Herbs of Gold, Hello March, Fisol, Salonpas, Flexijoint, L'Oreal, Sunsenses, Betadine, Cap Kelapa Laut afrika, Kao, FitNesse, Milo, Oreo and Atria Shopping Gallery.

The official sponsors of the #KamiCaring Run 2019 (Image Credit: CARiNG FB)
Act quick and block your dates if youre planning for a healthy run with #KamiCaring Run 2019. For participants, they will also offer an RM5 discount for participants and attendees to and from the event location making it a plus point for those who would prefer to avoid the hassle of looking for parking. The discount will be limited, so be sure to plan your day ahead for the event day.

#KamiCaring Run 2019


  1. bagus event yg mcm ni.. bukan saja boleh sihat tapi boleh dpt jadikan aktiviti best ramai2.. bawa family ke.. kengkawan ke.. seronok tu

  2. Time to run for healthier and happy life… thanks for the introduction, will drag my friends and run together gather hehe

  3. wah ada event lari lagiii mesti meriah nanti fees dia pun murah

  4. haaa ! nakk join nasib roger awal

  5. nak joinnn!
    lamanya tak join run ni semuaaaaaa!