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Im Induced For Labour | Foley Bulb Induction or Oxytocin Injection?

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So, on the 21st of August, I had my usual medical check-up at UMSC thinking that I'll be having more frequent weekly check up's since im already at my 37th week of pregnancy. As usual, we followed the standard procedure of checking urine, blood pressure which all were fine, but when we went for the ultrasound, the sonographer noticed something a little odd which was my Amniotic Fluid Index. The average normal measurement of it should be around 8cm, but mine was going below 5cm which was a concern. Thinking that this was the only time I had a downside to my check-up, we were then brought to the doctor for a follow-up check-up.

After an hour of waiting, finally, it was my turn to meet my doctor who was Dr. Shuhaina Binti Shuib to have a look at the baby. Again, as usual, she asked about my condition and I told her I felt pretty fine other than the Brixton hicks (practice contractions) that were ocassionally on and off. She saw my ultrasound report and noticed that my Amniotic Fluid was on a lower side and asked if my water broke. Being the awkward person I am, I said no, I don't think my water broke in my case cause I wasn't experiencing any leaking. So, she went to see a specialist for some consultation while we waited in the room for what to expect next.

Dr. Shuhaina then came back to the room and told us that she has discussed with the specialist and I was advised to be induced immediately. Legit, I and my husband's jaws were dropping since we were only expecting the baby in the next 3 weeks. Since the Amniotic Fluid was low, and baby is already at 37 weeks, this means baby is already at a full-term age with a 2.8kg weight and practically having no reason to stay in any longer as she advised that its always better to get the baby out before the baby starts to choke on the inside of my belly.

Being mentally shocked, we kinda had to suck it up and take the Doctors advise for whats best for the baby. Lucky enough she was nice to give us some time by asking us if we want to be induced tomorrow (22nd of August 2019) or the day after (23rd of August 2019), and we decided to go for 23rd of August since we needed just a little more time to prep for the baby at home. OMG, THE FEELING IS REALLY SO SURREAL THAT WE WERE FREAKING OUT THROUGHOUT THE DAY. But gotta keep cool either way cause the baby is coming sooner than ever.

Foley Bulb or Oxytocin Injection? 

The part of being induced is basically not waiting for the natural signs of giving birth and going for medical options to speed up the giving birth progress to prevent any complications with the baby through either Foley Bulb or Syntocinon Injection which questioned me on which option is better?

The Foley Bulb (Photo credits: FirstCry Parenting)
The Foley Bulb induction is basically something the doctor insets through the cervix and the end of the catheter has a deflated like balloon. Once it's in, the doctor then inflates the balloon with saline solution to put pressure on your cervix to eencouragedilation. Once your cervix deliates to 3cm, it will naturally fall out and starts to stimulate labor without medication. From what i was told, the insertion of the Foley may be a bit uncomfortable, but the pain subsides once the catheter is in place. When induction takes place, the contraction then takes place naturally.

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Syntocinon injection on the other hand is like giving oxytocin hormones to stimulate contrations. They will usually give it in small doses and increase it until the labor is progressing well. Once its administered, both the baby and uterus will be closely monitored. The oxytocin basically causes the muscle of the uterus to contract during labour so that the baby can be pushed out. So consider it as an option to force your body to start contractions when your body isnt experiencing it when it should.

The Decision

How the Foley Bulb works (Basically encouraging opening)
After doing of research and thinking through these two options, im having my gut set on the Foley bulb induction because its more natural in triggering the contractions. From my other friends who has gone through the process, they claim that the injection is more painful as its like boosting you with hormones that your body isnt naturally ready for and that scares me when you can expect it to hurt the minute the hormones are injected. The foley bulb on the other hand may be a little uncomfortable since its slightly invasive, but either ways, the baby goes out one way if youre going for natural birth. In and out, same thing. Might as well if you know what i mean. Well, i hope this helps other moms in making decision about the two options. But thats what it is and i'll be induced tomorrow. So, wish me luck!

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