Thursday, August 8, 2019

Shokubutsu Mochi Face & Body Range | 2 in 1 Face and Body Wash

OH hey! Shokubutsu presents Face & Body wash for quick showers
Being a loyal fan to Shokubutsu, im happy to announce that they have launched the Shokubutsu Mochi Face & Body range here in Malaysia! Yay! If youre wondering why i love Shokubutsu products, its genuinely because it carries values derived from Japanese inspired philopsophy and now to take it up a notch, Shokubutsu presents the new revolutionary Shokubutsu Mochi Hada Face & Body Shower series which allows you to cleanse and moisturise both your face and body at the same time as you shower. Talk about saving time when youre showering right? Hehe

Because this variant was the apple of my eye, its like gold! hehe
Present during the launch was none other that Natalie Tong as the official brand ambassador
To celebrate the exciting launch, i was one of the lucky few to witness their official brand ambassador, Hong Kong actress, Natalie Tong making her apperance at Sunway Pyramid over the weekend. Thank god for translators, she shared that she loves the new range as it complimented her busy lifestyle while keeping her face and skin moisturised despite always being on-the-go with her career. I had a huge eye-opener while i was there as i realized that we always care a lot for our face when it comes to moisturizing, but the mistakes that we should realize by now would be that the skin needs equivalent attention too, to match the facial skin dont think you think so?

Having three is always better than 2 right? 
The Face and Body Shower Lotion series | Glow Radiance & Ultra Moisture
Has a creamy texture for those who like it creamy
With that in mind, the all new Shokubutsu Mochi Hada Face & Body Shower Serier makes it easier than ever before to effectively cleanse and moisturise the skin on both our face and body in one simple step while youre showering. With this new innovation, i realize that i need to love my skin more to also gain mochi soft skin all over after every shower from today onwards. I mean for reals, who wouldnt want their body to look as young as their face? Right? Right!

Unboxing my haul from the launch, couldnt resist but to get all three!
Being currently 8 months pregnant now, (I KNOW, TIMES FLIES!), im in love with Shokubutsu because they use safe and natural ingredients in their products and to make this new product more exciting, the secret to the Shokubutsu Mochi Hada's efficacy lies in the benefits of Tsubaki oil, an essential Japanese beauty ritual of ancient Geisha that contains Rice Bran oil and Rice Ferment Extract that helps to maintain the skins hydration, texture, resilience and overall supple healthy appearance. Currently there are 3 types of wash within the range, namely Shower Oil Nourishing & Softening, Shower Lotion Glow Radiance, and Shower Lotion Ultra Moisture.

Shokubutsu Mochi Hada Face & Body Shower Oil
Transparent in colour, but foams up pretty well when in contact with water
Another plus point on Shokubutsu Mochi Hada would be that the series has also been dermatologically tested and its found to be non-comedogenic, which also means it does not cause any irritation to the skin and its safe to use on your face as it would not clog pores or blocked pores on the skin. I've tried and tested the product and im happy to say that after about a week of showering with it, my skin feels so much smoother and softer. I feel like a mochi because my skin feels amazing! If you see me around, feel free to touch my mochi soft skin and you'd be surprised too! Hehe.

#LoveYourFaceLoveYourBody Campaign

If think you you're always lucky, well, good news! To celebrate this exciting launch,  Shokubutsu Mochi Hada has launched a #LoveYourFaceLoveYourBody campaign where you are invited to share a creative emochi picture of a smiley face using different parts of your body on social media using the hashtag #LoveYourFaceLoveYourBody during August and September where you'll stand a chance to win a Shokubutsu Mochi Hada Shower Kit offered every Tuesday! Its also a great way to spread the awareness that all of us should love our body more.

Lathers pretty well with water despite it being oil based
Currently my fav Shokubutsu Mochi Hada Face & Body variant. (Smells refreshing too!)
The price for each bottle starts from RM19.00, and all three variants of the Shokubutsu Mochi Hada Face & Body Shower Serier is available exclusively at Watsons Stores and Online Stores. They can also be found in other major retail supermarkets and e-commerce stores as well. Currently using the Shower Oil variant and i am loving it! I didnt think i would enjoy the shower oil, but let me clear your concerns by saying that its not at all greasy nor oily, and among the three variants, i find this variant carrying the best fragrance. Hehe. Well, thats all for now. Till my next post peeps!

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  1. It can be used hair to toe? And how about the smell ya Aliza? Is it too much?

    Because I'm allergic to smell and some harsh body wash. Hehehe the rest I just okay with it. Because previously I use the shokubutsu sakura but end up I sneezes a lot. Hehe.

  2. suka produk shokubutsu. wangin kan. salah satu produk yang ada dalam bilik mandi khaty. Nanti boleh cuba yang baru ini.

  3. body lotion dia jadi berminyak or melekit tak? mochi hada face & body tu macam menarik perhatian. harga pun not bad.

  4. wah! cantiknya awak! wah... packaging produk shokubutsu yang ni nampak mahal! dan mesti sejenis produk yang premium dan berkualiti. nak kena cuba! thanks for sharing!

  5. wah..rangkaian baru dari Shokubutsu. Menarik ni..boleh buat cuci muka pula tu. Shokubutsu ni antara jenama pilihan untuk mandian..nanti boleh la cuba yang ini pula.

  6. WOW! makin peloles lah dia, tapi cikza suka yang oily tu, memang best kan. berkualiti dan wangi. macam rasa berkali-kali nak mandi lagi.

  7. Nama shampoo da mcm nama kuih :) ha ha ha...
    Menarik ni. Berkenan. Sebab inovasi nyer 2 in 1.
    Kalau travel,da mudah. Cuci muka. Cuci badan. Terbaik. Praktikal.

  8. sedapnya nama produk terbaru shokubutsu ...saya memang guna ju kat rumah sebab rasa segar dan bersih baupun wangii

  9. Wowww... 2 in 1 ya.. Boleh cuci Muka sekali tu best sangat.. Mmg suka product 2 in 1 mcm ni.. Mudah n jimat duit kan

  10. Wangi tak bau shampoo ni ? Tak pernah cuba lagi. Selalu dengar cerita kawan2 je. Hopefully ada promo , nk try grab 😬

  11. Eh. Harganya affordable and reasonable ye
    Boleh la beli and letak kat rumah nie - boleh pakai untuk face and body sekali - jimat belanja haha

  12. oh menarik. boleh pakai untuk kedua-duanya. boleh la try nanti.

  13. My family has been a loyal fan of Shokubutsu too! Been using this brand since it's first launch in Malaysia and now they expanded so much. Can't wait to try these new range, looks so classy from their normal packaging.