Wednesday, July 22, 2020

[REVIEW] Wristband Teether by Heorshe | Must Have Baby Teether

Heorshe Wristband Teether
Hey guys, im back with another review featuring another product from Heorshe. Mikayla is around 9 months + now and i would have to say that she is struggling with teething lately. She has been waking up in the middle of the night due to discomforts and i can see that her appetite started dropping every since she started showing signs of teething. Being a mother, it makes me sad to see my little baby experiencing discomfort and all i can do is console her since she cant understand what's happening. Now, what can i can i do to help ease the pain? If you google this out, most of it would resort to getting your baby a teether.

The packaging is very minimalist and transparent
Some details are included for those who are unfamiliar with teethers
Getting into topic for teethers, there's just so many types and varieties in the market which questions any parent on which would be the best choice? I had purchase 3-4 teethers, and some had their own pro and cons. But after recently introducing the Wristband Teether by Heorshe to Mikayla, it's like a god sent teether! The previous teethers that i have are the ones that comes in key form, silicone types and gel types, but i must say out of all the teethers that we have at home, the wristband teether is Mikayla's favourite (and mine too!). One thing that got my attention about this teether is that it comes in a form of a wristband which reduces the time of you picking it up for the baby everytime they drop it. Trust me, its a life saviour when you dont have to worry about your baby dropping it on the ground when youre out strolling in the park. 

Why are Teethers necessary? 

A little close up on the detailing
Easy for baby to grip on it + anti fall wrist band
You may wonder why teether are necessary other than for the purpose of teething? Well, if you havent introudced a teether to your child, you may notice that they have a habit of sucking on their finger to comfort themselves. This in the long run would be hard to stop once your baby takes the habit of sucking their fingers as its something you cannot take away from them, thus having a teether to subsitute the finger function of soothing. If you ask me if teethers are necessary? I would definitely say yes cause to my little Mikayla, by having a right teether, it naturally soothes her while giving her more security of feeling safe since sucking is the first thing that babies would learn to do the minute they are out of the womb. 

Heorshe's Wristband Teether

Theres multi-biting points, hand holding point and an adjustable wrist band
The Heorshe Wristband Teether has been designed based on babies sucking habits without sacrificing their health. Most regular teethers would end up on the floor as babies do not have the ability to fully control their hand muscles yet, but with the Heorshe Wristband teether, it a teether that you wont have to worry about it dropping off. It is a 360 degree open wristband design where Mikayla can suck onto its salient surface naturally while satisfying her biting desire and to survive through her teething phase. 

The key-highlights

Gentle and comfortable for baby to hold on to
In case you would want me to sum up the highlights of this teether, what i love about it is that it has an adjustable non-dropping watch wristband design, it eases tooth pains especially for teething babies, andthe surface has been designed to be like a natural skin feel. Since babies are still practicing on their grip, with this teether, you wont have to worry about your baby dropping it onto the ground and its easy to be held onto for the baby too. The surface of the teething offers 3D surfaces that would provide comfort for the baby to grind on while avoiding your baby to put into mouth too deeply (Which most teethers would cause the baby to gag). Its made out of 100% BPA FREE soft silicone which is safe for your baby to suck on and designed with a texture for you baby to easily accept. 

Despite this being my first time introducing to Mikayla, she griped onto it very naturally
Personally using this for about a week now for Mikayla, i would have to say that there are so many positive feedback that i have to share. When i first introduced this to Mikayla, she had no problems to recognize on what it is, it works amazingly well for a teething baby, its soft enough to protect my baby's gums, and its super easy to clean. I usually have concerns on hygiene, but since the teether is rather flat with bumps, its easy to make sure that every corner of the teether is clean before you give it back to you baby when needed. Moreover, i did notice that when this is worn on Mikayla's wrist, it also encourages her to practice on her hand and eye coordination too! Talk about multi-purpose huh? 


She loves it and we cant go anywhere without it!
Well as a verdict, i would have to say that this teether has been well thought of. Retailing at RM49.00
(currently going at RM39 after discount), i would say that its an investment to provide only the best for your child. The price may be a little high to some since most teethers usually range around RM25-RM40, but really, this teether completes all the criteria that i need in my checklist. I never really looked into teethers this deep before, but after introducing this teether to Mikayla, i only wished that i was introduced to this Wristband Teether by Heorshe earlier and skip my earlier purchases. After getting this, i can reassure you that you wont need another teether for your child. Also, a little life hack for a teething baby, you can also place this teether in the fridge/freezer and give it to your baby when he/she is in pain. Goodbye to sucking fingers and hello to safer beneficial teethers. 



  1. Awww so cute la teether mcm tu. Memang sesuai untuk baby yang tengah gatal gigi nak tumbuh tu. Comel giler anak Aliza. Smile!

  2. Sangat praktiklaaa gaya gitu, letak di tangan dan anak gigitnya, sebab salah satunya bagus elak dr anak masuk tangan dalam mulut, sebab biasa yang gigit-gigit tu anak tak boleh pegang dengan betulkan...bagus ni...

  3. Ohh betul betul mudah lah. Letak macam tu je dekat tangan baby. Senang.

  4. Comeynya dan tak sangka ada benda macam ni untuk baby. Tapi memang comel sangat dan sesuai untuk di pakai masa anak-anak kecil. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Bagusnya ada teether berkonsepkan wristband macam ni. Memang tak perlu risau dah sebab melekat elok je dekat tangan. Beli satu pun boleh kekal lama sebab tak hilang hehe

  6. Boleh rekomen kat adik ipar AM nie.. Baby dah 6 bulan dah start nak capai n gigit dah.. Leh suruh dia beli kasi kat Baby dia..

  7. Ehh nak try lah untuk my baby. Geram je tengok die masukkan tangan dalam mulut lepastu bagi mainan asyik terlepas. Hehe.

  8. This looks good.. must ger one for my 6 month old grandson cos he is also theeting now...

  9. agak praktikal untuk baby..nampak dia suka juga dengan produk ni..plg penting selamat utk mereka juga

  10. Wristband Baby Teether by Heorshe looks so nice for all the baby. nice la nowadays have many choices for mum and babies

  11. Waaaa.. comelnya letak kat tgn bby mcm tu. Seronok la dia dapat menggigit gigit kan..