Thursday, July 30, 2020

Sunway Lagoon Takes Safety Precautious | MCO Safety Theme Park

After 3 months of locking ourselves at home, i must say that it was a huge challenge for everyone to make an effort to stop the spread of the virus and thankfully we have seen some light from all the sacrifices we’ve all made by just staying home. The numbers of those being infected is now low and controlled and seeing some business starting to open again really does shows some signs of positivity. Having an infant with me, of course it was hard to keep her locked up in our small tiny home, so I thought of taking her for a joy trip to Sunway Lagoon! We still went with precautions but i would just like to emphasize that Sunway Lagoons safety actions gave us assurance that hygiene has been well taken of within the park. 

I know most of us are still afraid to go out, and i would consider it a risk for me to be going out with my 10 month old baby and my mother, who is now above 60. When we reached the entrance to the theme park, the floors were filled with social distancing signs and the distance gap was taken pretty seriously by the staff. Also, just before you enter the park, there will be a request for visitors to sanitize and go through a temperature check before entering. 

If you have been to Sunway Lagoon before, you would know that they would usually check your bags for safety reasons, and in conjuction to the covid situation, the staff will always sanitize their hands and wear gloves before touching any of our belongings. This really shows that they have taken precautions to ensure that hygiene is well taken seriously to prevent any spread of the virus. Thumbs up for the extra effort Sunway Lagoon! Also, as you scan your entrance ticket to enter the park, they is also a social distancing requirement where the entrance has a distance of 1m apart from the other entrance. A little strange to be experiencing this for the first time being out, but i guess this would be the new norm. 

While we’re in the park, all the lines and food stalls had proper reminders of social distancing floor stickers and signage to ensure that visitors of the park practice the standard operation procedure to assure safety of all park visitors. Even the resting benches at the park had stickers to remind guest on social distancing! Talk about extra effort, Sunway Lagoon has got it covered. 

Since i had my baby with me, we just wanted to visit the wildlife park at Sunway Lagoon to see the animals and the birds that they had. Considering this is Mikayla’s first time , it was a huge trip for her to be discovering new things that she’s never encountered before, especially when she got to see an albino tiger and lion! I love how wel shaded the park is, so i didnt have to worry too much about the heat for my little baby. 

Every corner of the park had their staff being ever ready to ensure that everyone follows the SOP of the covid situation and they were also very nice in setting reminders in wearing mask too. I was impressed to see that there were also signboards everywhere saying that door knobs and chairs are regularly sanitized too. Rest assured, i really had not much worries while i was there. 

Since Mikayla isnt a swimmer yet, we kindda skiped the water park as i wasnt too confident to take her for swimming yet. But since i was there with my mum, we managed to dropped by their gift store to get some floats for mikayla at a reasonable price! Surprised that it wasnt that expensive at all. If you happen to be there, dont forget to get some souvenirs while youre there. Well, to those planning to visit the park, i hope you found this post useful for you to plan your visit ahead with the family. I would say that im pretty confident with the safety precautions taken at Sunway Lagoon and im also glad that theyre taking the corona virus concerns seriously. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know and i'll be more than happy to answer your queries. 

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