Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Marrybrown's MALA-TUP Mala Fried Chicken is On Fire in Stores!

When it comes to Malaysia, one thing thatbi love the most would be the food that we have to offer here. The flavours thatbare available in Malaysia has always bern endless, and if you love spircy food, i have good news for you. Marrybrown, a fast food chain store has recently launched one of their most explosive menu of all time, the MB Mala Fried Chicken! Starting from the 28th of October till the 13th of December 2020, the exclusive Mala-tup Fried Chicken by Marrybrown will be available for customers who enjoy a little heat to spice up their tastebuds. 

Marrybrown’s always sticks to a motto in offering ‘something different’ and this time around, they present to you the perfectly marinated sichuan chili pepper with dried chili for a gastronomic heaty experience for those who love spicy flavours. Mala being a pretty huge trend in the foodie industry, Marrybrown now offers Mala lovers to explore a punch of flavours from their Fried Chicken upon their first bite. 

The Mala-tup Chicken Combo

If youre a huge fan of fried chicken in general, then you have to give yourself shot to try the Marrybrown’s hot and peppery MB Mala Friend Chicken. You can choose to order wither the 2-pc MALA Chicken combo meal or the 3-pc Mala Chicken combo meal to suit your appetite. These combo’s are paired with their signature mash potato and fresh vegerable salad. I personally took tthe 3-pc Combo because i knew 2 would not be enough. 

MALA Bubur Ayam Combo

If youre not too brave to try the Mala Chicken Combo, then this combo has been created just for you. If you prefer a milder version of spice, you can indulge in the Mala Bubur Ayam Combo which is a combo that offers a heartwarming bowl of porridge that will ease off the spiciness of the Mala Fried Chicken, but yet still allows you to enjoy the spicy tingling sensation of the flavours of Mala. 

MALA Box Meal

For a full on Mala experince, you can take on the full on Mala experience that the Mala Box Meal has to offer. This set offers a combination of the fiery Mala Fried Chicken, a juicy Chicken Burger, vegetable salad, and the well-loved crispy onion rings! For those with a bigger spicy appetite, why not add on the Mala Fries to your set for an unforgettable mala experience. I actually enjoyed the fries a lot and the chicken burger complimented the mala spice just perfect. 

The menu for this exclusive Mala-tup flavours starts from RM14.60 and all four combo meals mentioned are served with a refreshing cup of icy Coca-Cola to cool the heat off when needed. Honestly, if you would want to know my opinion, my favourite ironically would be their Mala Bubur Ayam. Not entirely fan of porridge most of the time, but this was definitely and exception. The flavours had a really unique balance of flavours with mala for added spice. It’s definitely worth trying it out! 

All in all, i would have to say that this menu prepared by Marrybrown is really unique and i enjoyed it a lot. I will definitely be heading back for more when i crave for something spicy, cause the mala spice has just the right amount of spice that would tickle your tongue. The menu is available for order via food deliveries or in outlet. For more information and updates from Marrybrown,  be sure to check out their official social sites below. Thank you for reading my humble review and i’ll see you in my next post peeps! xx


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