Friday, October 16, 2020

[REVIEW] Eat Sushi | Affordable Fresh Sushi In Kota Damansara

Hi everyone! Im back with another food review and this time, I'll be sharing with you about Eat Sushi that is located at Sunway Giza Kota Damansara. Been craving for sushi for a while now, then I stumbled upon Eat Sushi and I was so happy to find that their prices are affordable and the place looks really cozy too! I did some research, and if youre wondering where Eat Sushi came from, they actually started in Australia in 2009. With 6 branches in Australia, the outlet located at Sunway Giza Mall would be their first outlet in Malaysia! 

Eat Sushi offers a variety of different traditional Japanese dishes and has incorporated elements of Australia and Japan flavors into their recipe to create a unique gastronomic experience to each bite you take. Being a regular sushi eater and for someone who takes sushi seriously, i found eat sushi to be different than any sushi i've eaten. They may not be entirely Japanese, but the twist of Australian taste buds does ass a twist to your regular sushi. Yums! 

Unagi Rainbow Maki

Tempura Sushi

Egg Rainbow Maki

For starters, if youre planning your first visit to Eat Sushi, here are some signature dishes that you can't miss out on when you visit. Their top 3 sushi rolls would be the Unagi Rainbow Maki that contains cream cheese that adds a twist to the regular traditional unagi maki, the Grill Salmon Rainbow Maki that contains a special sauce to make it taste a little sour, and the Tempura Sushi that offers entirely fried maki. Alternatively, if these don't tempt your tastebuds yet, you may also consider ordering the Avocado Rainbow Maki, Grill Hotate Rainbow that contains grilled scallop, or the Egg Rainbow Maki that offers an egg layering that adds flavor to the maki. 

Other than their signature dishes, there are also other sushi plates that you can select from the sushi belt that ranges between RM2.80, RM3.80, and RM4.80. I found that the sushi that they offer were really affordable without substituting the quality. The options had some pretty good selections too, offering something for anyone who visits. I exceptionally loved the Lobster salad sushi and their classic sashimi the most. But of course, that doesn't mean thats all that they have to offer. 

As a verdict, I must say that Eat Sushi uses fresh and high-quality ingredients to serve to their customers. The location offers an event space as well for group gatherings, making it a great location to dine in and enjoy sushi with friends, colleagues, and family members as well. I would have to say that Eat Sushi offers a really good selection and you have to try it out at least once to know how unique their sushi's are. To my muslim friends, they are Muslim friendly and not offering any alcohol in-store, so you can dine with ease as you enjoy a good plate of sushi. Passing by Kota Damansara anytime soon? Be sure to drop by Eat Sushi today!

Eat Sushi

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