Thursday, November 5, 2020

Home Delivered Freshly Baked Brownies by Kim Brownies Great Bake | Petaling Jaya based

Hi everyone, just because we're all home trying to stay safe, i had a hard time to satisfy my brownie cravings at home. I stumbled upon Kim Brownies Great Bake on Instagram at @kimbrowniesgreatbake and decide to give her brownies a go. Now, i had the privilege to meet the baker myself when she delivered the brownies, and I was surprised that she's doing this as a business while being a full-time housewife! Being a housewife myself, I kid you not that the amount of juggling that you have to do at home is pretty intense. Time is never really enough when youre a mother, but Kim here made it possible while doing baking as a side business to support the family. 

If youre staying in Petaling Jaya, and youre looking for a baker who bakes brownies that uses organic in a variety of choices to choose from, then Kim is the baker for you. I believe the beauty of home bakers would be that she can accommodate special requests based on your diet or requirement. Since I got a few bites of her brownies, I must say that her brownies are delicious! The thing about brownies that are in stores, they are usually extremely sweet, but Kim's brownies tasted way better with a slight bitterness of dark chocolate that balances the tastebuds enjoying both the sweetness of a brownie and the bitterness of dark chocolate. 

Upon receiving my brownies, it was nicely wrapped in a box with ribbons all over. I must say that it beats getting a box of chocolate because brownies are way better! Kim did a pretty good job in wrapping the brownies up in a box with ribbons to add a special touch to it. So if youre looking to gift the brownies to someone special, Kim has got that covered for you. Upon opening the box, I would say that the arrangement that she did for me was amazing with a mix of variety on toppings. It's so pretty that i could just stare at it all day!

What I like about her brownies would be its because it's not just ordinary brownies, but its individually customized brownies with different toppings so that you can never get bored for every bite you take. The texture of her brownies aren't the wet kind, but it's more to a dryer version of brownies, making it great to be enjoyed with tea and coffee. I enjoyed these with a cup of tea, and i absolutely love the combination. When it comes to texture, i guess it's a personal preference and I like this version more as it adds more texture to the brownies. 

In case youre wondering about the price, Kim Brownies Great Bake brownies start from RM45 onwards based on what kind of presentation that youre looking at. If it's individually added with toppings like mine, you may have to consider the amount of time that needs to be spent to prepare it. If youre looking for a plain tray of brownies, Kim offers that as well. Since they are pretty new, feel free to contact Kim personally and request anything that you have in mind, or simply just order a tray of her signature brownies. Well, keeping this post short, do check her out on IG and contact her via Whatsapp for inquiries. 

Kim Brownies Great Bake

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