Monday, November 30, 2020

[REVIEW] Teeth Whitening Solution with Whitekish Magic Charcoal

Have you ever worry about having yellow teeth? I know I have. Considering I love eating curry chicken and any dish that has turmeric in it, it would definitely leave a slight stain on my teeth to be slightly yellowish. With a worry of having yellow teeth, I found myself exploring Whitekish Magic Charcoal, a whitening, cleaning teeth, and mouth solution that uses Japanese technology. Since it claims to be a solution for whitening, tartar, bad breath, and great smile, I just had to give myself a go, thus a worthy review to write about in my blog. 

Upon receiving it, it comes in a blue and white box that looks very minimalist and clinical. Considering it uses charcoal to whiten, I found out that the active charcoal comes from the coconut shell and without the need of any chemical ingredients, it would whiten and clean your teeth and mouth by absorbing bacteria and 'food chemical' naturally. It's definitely an extra bonus if youre looking for a whitening solution that does not use chemicals. When I found out that it doesn't use chemicals, I was so happy! After all, I do believe that keeping things natural would always be the best option.

The benefits of the Whitekish Magic Charcoal is that it whitens the teeth, removes bacteria that causes bad breath, effectively removes dark tartar for smokers, neutralized the ph balance in the mouth, has no peroxide, and it can guarantee results within 1 month of usage. With that being said, as a mother who is still breastfeeding, I really had no concerns about trying this out considering that it's pretty much safe for overall whitening use that contains no harmful chemicals. 


Upon unboxing the product, it comes in pretty cute packaging, accompanied by its own toothbrush. The bristles of the toothbrush is super thick which I believe has a reason behind it. The Whitekish Magic Charcoal itself comes in powder form and as a first impression, I would have to highlight to be really careful when opening the lid. Since it's in fine powder form, be sure that youre not opening this with any exposure to the wind to reduce the mess. 

So, to use this, I actually took the toothbrush that was provided and just dipped it in the charcoal. Honestly, I was pretty surprised at how well the powder stuck onto the toothbrush, leaving it to collect just enough charcoal before brushing. After getting a sufficient amount, I rinsed my mouth with water first, followed by brushing my teeth with the Whitekish Magic Charcoal. I guess I would have to say that I found it amusing that my teeth became entirely black when I was brushing, but when I hear that 'squeaky clean' sound which brushing, I know that the charcoal is cleaning my teeth in every corner. 

I've been using it for two weeks now, with daily brushing using Whitekish Magic Charcoal. As a verdict, I can say that it does whiten the teeth without leaving any sensitivity to my teeth. I can't be too sure if the results are permanent for now, but I can definitely say that it does whiten the teeth after continuous usage. It retails at RM   which i would have to say that it's a little steep, but for whitening results, thats definitely cheaper than going to the dentist. Overall thoughts, im pretty satisfied with the product and it does claim what it's supposed to do. So, if youre looking for a whitening solution, you may consider the Whitekish Magic Charcoal. Feel free to contact the number below or head on over to to purchase one today! 


Call / sms / wasap :0178898878

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