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Marrybrown's 'EGG-STRA ONG' Promotion | Pink Chinese New year

MarryBrown's EGG-STRA Ong Meal

Enough with the gloomy news of MCO, let's share something more exciting, like a pink burger to celebrate Chinese New Year! I don't know about you, but I got to admit that I've never seen a pink burger being presented before (other than in cartoons). Giving attention to Marrybrown fans, Marrybrown is happy to pink it up with their egg-stra ONG meal this Chinese New Year to bring happiness despite the MCO being just announced earlier this week. 

Finally got my pink burger in my hands

There are always other ways to celebrate, and when there's a celebration, there's always food involved. Despite the situation that has been set upon Malaysia, Marrybrown has still been very eager and festive to crack the egg for an 'egg-citing' and 'egg-stra' flavorsome ONG meal for their fans. To stand amount the usual burgers that we see in fast food chains, Marrybrown has definitely taken a 'dare to be different' strategy in launching their pink egg-stra burger with Nestle's pink refreshing lemonade that compliments each other perfectly to create this new festive menu. 

They'll include a tub of delicious Salted Egg that is so worth trying

Coat it the way you like it!

Being a fan of salted egg, i would have to say that the salted egg sauce was the show stealer among everything else. The Egg-stra Ong meals comes in 3 combo options, namely the Egg-stra ONG Burger Combo (from RM15), the Egg-stra ONG Chicken Combo (RM16.90/2pc & RM20.70/3pc), and the Egg-stra ONG Burger and Chicken Combo (RM24.30). Honestly what really made me want to order this would be their uber-cute PINK Egg-stra ONG Burger to welcome the prosperous year that has been filled with love all over.

Gotta love the crunchy chicken patty coated with salted egg sauce

Marrybrown has heard fans requesting for this salted egg combo to make a comeback, and they have definitely listened! But to make it a much more exciting year, they have cranked it up with something new and different. I got to admit that im impressed with the idea! The idea came about because Chinese New Year falls around the same time as Valentine's day, thus matchmaking the celebration to not only be prosperous but also filled with a sweet yet playful theme. 

The meal also includes the Nestle Pink Lemonade that goes really well with the set!

Every order of this promotional meal comes with a generous serving of Marrybrown's Salted Egg sauce which has been proven to hit Malaysian taste buds. Im usually very picky with my salted egg dishes, but considering this is my first time giving the Marrybrown Salted Egg series a bite, i would have to say im hooked! Its not at all diluted, and it has just the right amount of oomph to get your tastebuds tingling. Even my husband loves it! Not to forget the pink lemonade, it's definitely a quencher that goes really well with the meal.

What are you waiting for? Get it before its out of season!

As a verdict, i would have to say that this is a must-try if you haven't given this a go yet. I love how its seasoned with the right amount of salted egg and a tinge of a spicy kick which blends in very well. if you ask me if i would repeat my order, i would 100% say yes! Be sure to not miss out on this opportunity to stand among the crowd with a pink burger in hand. I may be a little obsessed with the pink burger, but i have to say its a worthy burger to pose with. Hehe. For more info, checkout Marrybrowns social sites for the latest updates! 

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