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Kitsui Review | Kitsui Whitenin BB and Kitsuit Vitamin C+ Shine


Kitsui Review | Perbezaan antara product Whitenin BB & Vitamin C + Shine

Hi everyone, today I'll be sharing my recent consumption featuring a Kitsui Whitenin B.B. and Kitsui Vita C+ Shine.  With the pandemic putting all of us on lock down, i decided to stock up on Kitsui supplements to keep me company for the next two weeks. Might as well get extra benefit of staying home while improving appearance and immunity with Kitsui am i right? Just a heads up, the reason why Kitsui has gained my trust would be that i can guarantee to you that it does not contain any dangerous ingredients making it safe to be consumed without any worries. 

Im currently consuming both of these at the same time and since i only need one sachet a day, i take the Kitsui Vita C+ Shine for a boost in immunity in the morning, and the Kitsui Whitenin B.B. at night before heading to bed to achieve brighter skin. It's been roughly a week now, and i do notice that my skin and health has improved a lot! I get less tired on a daily basis with an extra boost on immunity and my skin somehow has a natural glow which i love waking up to. Now, let's go into a little review. 

Kitsui Whitenin BB

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So, starting off with the Kitsuit Whitenin BB, if youre wondering what it is for, its basically a supplement that is exclusive for you to achieve brighter skin without being invasive. Not only that it whitens, but it also helps to reduce oily skin, minimizes pores, and even's out skin tone. I know skincare plays a huge role as well, but supplements play a key role in ensuring that the nutrients are provided for the skin internally, which is why i decided to give this a go. 

Each box of the Kitsui Whitenin BB comes in 15 individually packed sachets that is suitable for 2 weeks consumption. Containing Orange Powder, Acerola, Grape Seed and Berries, these ingredients would help to improve your skin naturally and trust me, a week is really all it takes to actually see results. It's no wonder that a lot of people put their trust in Kitsui. It has a powdery texture, and all you need to do is to mix it with 150ml of water in a shaker and its ready to be consumed. Personally speaking, I love the taste of this as its not too overwhelming and it has a berry taste that is pleasant to consume. 

Kitsui Vita C+ Shine

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Next in my review today would be the Kitsui Vita C+ Shine which is great for immunity. If youre looking to improve your immunity, this would be the ideal supplement drink to take! Especially when its the pandemic right now, i find that this really helps in improving my immunity system where I do feel that my body and energy is stronger than before I decided to take this. Significantly, it's like having more energy to go through the day, especially when im a mother, I need that extra boost to juggle work with a toddler. 

Each box of the Kitsui Vita C+ Shine contains 15 individually packed sachets making it easy to be consumed. All i need to do is put it in my shaker, add 150ml of water, shake it, and wallah! It's ready to be consumed. It contains Pomegranate, Kiwi, Orange, Pineapple, Mango, and Lemon which equates to 1009ng of naturally sourced vitamin C! In terms of taste, it tastes pretty good too! I was expecting a strong orange taste, but surprisingly it tasted rather fruity with a good balance of sweet and sour. 


As a verdict, i would have to say that these two is a great combo if youre looking for supplements that contain NO HARMFUL ingredients. The Kitusi Whitenin BB definitely helped me with improving my skin condition where i noticed that my skin is less acne prone, and i love the whitening effect which brings out the natural inner glow. On top of that, the Kitsui Vita C+ Shine gave me just the right amount of vitamin c daily, and i love that provides my body with more energy than on regular days in which I usually feel tired earlier. It's guranteed to be halal, so rest assured there's a lot of benefits in consuming Kitsui. Believe it or not, there a lot of positive feedback and it has gained trust even in Watson's and Guardian stores nationwide.

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