Tuesday, March 1, 2022

A&W Seremban Drive-Thru reopened with new 'RETRO' makeover with Jamaica Blue

A&W has been a HUGE part of my childhood and i always loved the classic Root B drink that would quench any thirst. So, in case you haven't heard, A&W has opened their newly refurbished A&W Seremban Drive-Thru outlet which essentially gives people who live in Seremban or possibly passing by Seremban to experience the latest refurbishment which features an addition of Jamaica Blue within the outlet. 

If you're unaware, the A&W in Seremban happens to be the longest standing presence in Malaysia, which has been an iconic landmark in Seremban, creating memories since 1978, and now, has been invigorated into a retro themed concept featuring a modern take on chich retro design for the newly refurbished outlet. 

The new vibe of the restaurant overlooking the beautiful Seremban Lake Garden has been designed to appeal to a newgeneration of discerning consumers while staying true to the brand’s rich heritage and legacy in Malaysia, dating back to 1963, when A&W became the first fast-food restaurant to be established in the country.

“As generations have changed over the decades, so do consumer behavior and trends. In this regard, it is only natural that A&Wcontinues to innovate and evolve. We have been on a mission to rejuvenate the brand to make it more relevant and appealing toconsumers today, especially the younger generation, who are more astute and discerning than ever before. This modern-retro concept is a product of this new direction, which is not limited to aesthetics alone, but incorporates a total revitalization of ouroffering to consumers,” said Sophia Ch’ng, Director of A&W Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

In a historic development in keeping with the inclinations of the younger generation, particularly the trending coffee culture, part of the refurbishment will also include the new world-famous coffee brand Jamaica Blue owned by Inter Mark Resources. This makes the outlet the first in the country to have both an A&W restaurant and a Jamaica Blue.

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant and rich tones of the Jamaica Blue Mountains – one of the best coffee-producing regionsin the world - Jamaica Blue will serve patrons of A&W Seremban Drive-Thru with its own specialized selection of coffee beverages, created by a dedicated team of experienced and knowledgeable baristas.

“Together with the incorporation of Jamaica Blue, A&W Seremban Drive-Thru will bring something totally new, unique and refreshing to residents here. Ultimately, our aim is to create the perfect setting and atmosphere for the community here to truly enjoy and call their own, building on an already iconic landmark in Seremban,” said Ch’ng.

Commending on the move, Yang Amat Berhormat Dato’ Seri Haji Aminuddin Bin Harun said the newly refurbished A&W outlet with its modern-retro look and incorporation of Jamaica Blue Coffee will further add to the appeal of Seremban as avibrant city, which is known for its unique food offerings.

“Seremban has always been renowned for its food offerings. I know there are many that make day trips here from all around the country, just to enjoy the food here. And A&W has truly added to this diversity of food offerings with their legendary menu items. I truly congratulate the management for their entrepreneurial and innovative spirit to constantly deliver inventive new offerings and concepts to consumers. I would like to implore other businesses and organisations in Seremban and NegeriSembilan – especially F&B outlets – to use this strategy of entrepreneurial innovation and creativity to truly make this city andstate a renowned food haven,” he said.

Since its introduction in Malaysia in 1963, A&W has etched itself into the hearts of customers young and old who have enjoyed its classic menu items, including flavourful Coneys, tantalizing waffles and the refreshingly iconic A&W RB floats. Inmore recent times, younger Malaysians have also built a fond affinity with some of newer signatures including the Mozza Burgerand A&W’s Golden Aroma Chicken, all made from fresh ingredients to ensure the highest levels of quality.

The introduction of the revitalized A&W Seremban Drive-Thru outlet is just part of ambitious plans for the brand moving forward, which targets to have over 150 outlets all over Malaysia by the end of 2025. Indeed, having served Malaysians for more than half a century, A&W is looking poised to be an entity loved by Malaysians of all ages and walks of life for decades and generations to come.

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