Saturday, May 14, 2022

Marrybrown App Offering More Savings and Amazing Deals!

In case you havent heard about the latest news, Marrybrown has recently laucnhed their new app which can be downloaded for FREE from this link right here. Being a huge Marrybrown fan myself, i decided to download the app and to my discovery, i found myself exploring amazing deals! Previously i've been seeing a lot of people sharing about the MB App having this Raya deals, but if you think you missed out on it, their deals are actually still ongoing! 

If you're wondering what to expect,  you can get up to 40% off deals and to enjoy it, you have to be sure to redeem it while the quota is still there. Just to share with you on what the deals you can look forward to, i've included some screenshots for you to check out and to get yourself tempted to see how amazing these deals are! Personally, I'm surprised that there's a lot of savings and it can be instantly redeemed without any requirements! 

I went to the outlet at Citta Mall and all I did was walk into the store, showed the deal from the app that i wanted at the counter, and they scanned my phone to redeem the deal, and that's it! I got my savings just by using that deal in my order. Saving money has been more effortless all thanks to the app. My daughter wanted their chicken nuggets and its usually priced at RM8.49, but i got it at only RM5.90 with the App. Sadly, only one deal can be redeemed at a time, so if youre smart, you can get your partner to line up again to redeem another deal (shhhh.) hehe. 

I think the best deal would be that for every new user of the Marrybrown app, there's a welcome gift where you can redeem 1 pc of MB Crispy Chicken for Free! All you need to do is order a drink and basically its like a buy 1 free 1 deal for you to not miss out on. Talk about eating smart when youre out am i right? Gotta say that the best meals are usually the ones that are free. There's just something about it that makes it taste better. 

So, what are you waiting for? Be sure to download the app to not miss out on any amazing deals each time to visit Marrybrown! On top of that, you will be collecting. MB Reward Points as you continuously use the app to redeem more surprises. After all, only members get the best perks! Download the app by heading over to and be sure to check if the outlet yours heading to is one of their participating outlets by checking it here

Marrybrown Malaysia

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