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The Samsung Galaxy A33 User Experience | Foodie Content Creator

As a writer and a content creator, I would have to say that staying connected is key when it comes to my overall lifestyle. One of the gadgets that I cannot live without would be two things, one a mobile phone, and the other being my laptop. With these two devices that goes hand in hand for the past few years of my life, I can confidently say that I can live without them! But of course, when it comes to keeping up with the latest features and technology, an upgrade is always a must. And this time around, I'll be sharing with you a perspective of what it's like to be using the Samsung Galaxy A33 in my daily life as a content creator. 

I went to get myself the Samsung Galaxy A33 in white because I find white to be an everlasting classic color that would suit practically anything that I wear. It's also a very chic shade considering that it's full-on white even up to the lens of the camera making it look very modern in appearance. You might wonder why I got the Galaxy A33? Well, for starters, the reason why I went for this model because the specs of the camera suit the needs of my digital era lifestyle offering up to 48MP quality photos, plus the 5G specs that offer the speed that I need when I'm living in the city! Other than that, it has been designed to offer a two-day battery life, making it great for long usage when I'm out and about trying to explore and share about the everyday life as a blogger and for the purpose to create memories to be recorded in social media. 

 Sleek Body & Appearance

Starting with the appearance of the camera, I got to admit that the design of the Galaxy A33 is very stylish, slim, and sleek which reflects the era that we live in today. If I would have to describe the phone in 2 words, I'd say it's minimalist and techy! It's pretty, durable, and offers functions that would suit any person who is all about detail. The glass of the mobile uses the Corning Gorilla Glass 5, which makes it very durable and it also has IP676 water and dust resistance feature to ensure that it still looks good after any unexpected accidents. Being excited about everything that surrounds me, this mobile gives me the assurance that it will withstand even the toughest scenarios! 

Camera Features and Clarity

Taken with the Main Camera (8MP)

Taken with Main Camera (48MP)

Offering quad camera's in one lightweight device, I would say that this is an accomplishment of its own! I used to bring around my bulky camera with its interchangeable lenses to take different angles of photos, but with the Samsung Galaxy A33, all I need is to slide it into the back of my pocket and I'll be ready for any unexpected moments! The mobile offers a main camera of 48MP, a depth camera of 2MP, an Ultra Wide of 8MP, and a Macro Camera of 5MP with a front camera of 13MP. Overall, I think the main usages of the device would typically be the main camera which offers a huge clarity, and the front camera for any sudden video meetings to catch up with. 

Taken with Main Camera

Taken with Main Camera (48MP)

Taken with Main Camera (Night mode)

Honestly, it offers pretty good specs to suit today's digital era, where we revolve a lot around e-sports and mainstream social media because the features of the mobile complement the camera. Not many cameras offer good quality images when it's low in lighting, but this Galaxy A33 is ready for breathtaking sunset pictures! Since it offers an innovative AI-powered camera, the processor can improve night shots which synthesizes up to 12 images all at once. It even brightens up videos in low lighting while giving less noise quality to ensure that it performs at its best possible. I tried and tested this at night, and wow I am impressed!

Audio Accessories and Usage Speed

In terms of audio accessories that would be unique to the latest Galaxy A series would be that its designed to seamlessly work with other Galaxy devices. I was a little unsure about this feature at first, but then when I did a little more digging on this, I was surprised to find that with the Galaxy Buds Series, you can connect the buds with more than 1 pair of buds, which means that if you're listening to music or streaming through your mobile, you can stream together with a friend and use your device as a screen. To me, this feature is really handy when I want to get a little cuddly with my husband while the kids conquer the TV at home. On top of that, there's also this feature where you can link to windows 11 and connect the Galaxy A series to a windows PC to work effortlessly. I'd say that's pretty impressive.

On top of that, if you're a gamer, I would have to say that the Samsung Galaxy A33 is sufficient in ensuring that your gaming experience is a smooth one. With 2 days battery life and 90Hz Super AMOLED speed, it would give you a silky smooth experience. On top of this feature, I would have to say I enjoyed editing videos on the go considering it was very smooth to edit any films. Skip the hassle of transferring videos and photos into your desktop and do it while you're having lunch. 

The Final Verdict

Ultra Wide Angle Camera of Restaurant (8MP)

Portrait mode which offers harp clear images

As a verdict, I would say that I'm beyond impressed with the Samsung Galaxy A33. Being priced at RM1,499 only, it's a definite value for money to match the specifications and features of the device. If you're looking for a mobile within a certain budget, I would say that this mobile is decent for daily usage, even for a content creator! Offering a sufficient high megapixel camera quality that also takes portrait shots, plus the low light AI adjustments, it makes taking photos and being creative enjoyable. 

Landscape photography with backlights

Food photography to show enhanced color 

Food photography to test clarity

Considering this is one of the latest Galaxy A series, I can't deny that it's well crafted. A pretty good investment if you're looking to create content be it for youtube, Instagram, or simply just for a gaming experience to enjoy. Will continue using this mobile to explore and I'll be updating some content with what this mobile can do! Be sure to follow my social media accounts to keep yourself updated, or if you do have any questions in mind, feel free to leave a comment below and I'll get back to you soonest.

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*All photos that were taken in this post is by the Samsung Galaxy A33 with no edits

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