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Parenthood Parent's Choice Award 2022 | Brands winning Parents Hearts

Among them are Genting, Betadine, Babyshop, R.E.A.L Kids, and Abbott.

Hello mummies and daddies! It's crazy to think that I've been blogging during my high school days and now talking about parenting! Being a parent myself, rest assured, I would like you to know that we all go through a phase in life where we feel lost, and IT'S OKAY! Parenthood itself is all about the journey and by going through the mistakes, we learn through it. That's what makes parenting so beautiful. Now, talking about going through those phases, I'm pretty sure one of the jugglings as a parent is choosing a reliable brand to trust? Well, lucky enough, I'll be spilling some details on the Parenthood Parents Choice Award 2022 since I got to witness the award ceremony.

To break it down to you a little, Parenthood Magazine recently organized a campaign where parents of Malaysia can vote for their favorite brands to win the best parents' choice award in 2022. And what they did was by identifying and bringing forward the most trusted brands that parents can truly rely on. There were 80 categories in total that were awarded, and I believe that these winners are prestigious and deserving brands to win the awards. 

Now, 80 would be a lot for me to elaborately write down in this post, but I'll try my best to keep it minimal and highlight the topics and brands which I found really exciting to discover during the award ceremony. For the full list of awards, you may head on over to Parenthood's article right here and see how the brands deservingly won the hearts of parents based on category. It's really a lot to look at but I would have to say that it's exciting to discover innovative brands and existing brands that I'm familiar with to win these awards and rest assured, assuring me that my choice of brands is similar to other parents of Malaysia. 

In terms of the winners, I hope my photos here would do all the talking, but really I think what was an eye opener to me was to see health supplements and probiotics within the category. Did you also know that there was a category where there's the best non-toxic makeup & skincare for kids as well? It goes beyond what we think is necessary, but it's good that they also had a category on education as well (Basically prepping myself for my eldest daughter once she's ready for school!). Nonetheless, if you would like to expand your knowledge of brands, I would really recommend you to check out the Parenthood article for the full deets on the winner's list. 

All in all, I would have to say that the award ceremony was very humble, and I did stumble upon some proud brand owners who were claiming their awards during the occasion. I would have to admit that it was such an honor to be there and witness all these really renowned brands winning the heart of parents throughout Malaysia! Every brand carries its own story when it comes to giving the best to kids and parents, but what matters throughout it all to me would be the bond they have made possible among parents of Malaysia. I would agree that all the brands who managed to win the title of being the best of the best definitely deserve the award because I've tried and tested myself and they deliver their promise. Well, I hope you found this post useful and I wish you a happy parenting journey with the little ones! It can be exhausting but with the right products and guidance, it helps to ease out the journey.

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