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Urban Bliss Wellness Putrajaya | The Journey Spa Package Review

Urban Bliss Wellness @ Mercure Putrajaya

When it comes to relaxation, the first thing that comes to mind would definitely be the word 'spa'. Going in depth into the word spa, of course, the behind keywords would involve the word 'wellness'. After all, what is relaxation when you don't talk about the overall wellness of both body and mind? In this post, I'll be taking you away to a little review of a recent retreat where I pampered myself with an excellent package that covers a full relaxation of body & mind with the Journey Spa Package by Urban Bliss Wellness Putrajaya. 

Upon arrival, i was served hot tea

Just before i jump into my review, let me just give you an introduction to the center. Located at Menara Shaftsbury interconnected to the soon-to-open Mercure Living Putrajaya, I found it to be located at an easy access location where right next to it would be a walking distance to Alamanda Putrajaya Mall. The property itself is very private and safe with security guards on patrol 24/7. Now to access Urban Bliss Wellness Putrajaya, it's not that obvious from the exterior, so you'll actually need to go through Mercure Living's entrance and inform the reception that you'd like to go to the spa, and the receptionist would be happy to lead you to the center. Talk about a hidden sanctuary, gotta love how it's very exclusive. 

Urban Bliss Wellness

Fifi getting my foot bath ready

As you enter the center, you will be greeted by their friendly receptionist who is ever ready to be at your service. Upon my arrival, the first thing I was offered was a cup of tea to welcome my visit. I definitely felt very welcomed and since I made a reservation, the receptionist was nice enough to host me while my therapist got the equipment and room ready for my 'spa spectacular'. Not long after, I was introduced to my therapist, Fifi, who will be providing me with the service throughout my stay at Urban Bliss Wellness. 

Washing feet before session with warm water

Disposables to change into before treatment starts

The session started with a foot wash where Fifi was directing me to change my footwear to indoor slippers and proceeded to wash my feet with warm water. I love how when the feet feel clean, your whole body feels pretty refreshed! After ensuring that my feet is well cleansed, Fifi then lead me to a private room where my full spa package would treat at. I love that the space was huge for a room of one, and to welcome my stay for this relaxing package, they offered disposable underwear, bra, and a hair cap to ensure that my clothes stay clean. My therapist left me for a while as i got myself changed into the disposables.

Inhouse products which features natural essential oils

Getting ready for my treatment

Skin after body scrub felt really smooth after showering

My session then began with a body scrub, and to my surprise, despite expecting it to be a little rough, Fifi was pretty good at giving a gentle body scrub. She was scrubbing in circular motions most of the time and she really made sure that every part of my body was well scrubbed and polished. The session was roughly about 40 minutes, and once we're done with the scrubbing, Fifi gave me a bath robe to change into and lead me to the shower room to wash all the residue off. My body really felt like it was well polished and all the dead skin was definitely scrubed away! The bathroom was decent and had shampoo and body wash prepared, so you dont have to worry about fully equipping yourself during your stay.

Aromatherapy Body Massage 

After coming back from the shower, we then proceeded to the next session which was the signature body massage (my favourite part of all!). Now, typically massages are pretty much about pressure over the body points, but at Urban Bliss Wellness, the massage i had was slightly different than usual. Instead of applying pressure, this was a full body aromatherapy massage. It was indeed a little different, but honestly speaking, i enjoyed the scent of the aroma used during the massage. I enjoyed it so much that i fell asleep throughout the 2nd half of the massage. It was really relaxing and Fifi was really gentle in massaging the body with slight pressure applied at my back area since i requested to put extra pressure on my back. Overall, i would have to say that it was really relaxing and the aroma made a good match with the massage. Recommended! That took about 80 minutes before we proceeded to the last session, which would be the rebalance facial. 

Fifi Cleansing my face

The aromatheraphy face oil massage

Face mask to clear clogged pores

The Rebalance facial happens to be the last session from my package and its estimated duration would be within 60 minutes. Since I was wearing light makeup, Fifi removed my eye makeup with gentle makeup remover and started cleansing my skin with their in-house cleanser, followed by a face scrub, face oil massage, face mask then application of toner, and cream then ending with an application of sunblock. I would have to say that the highlight of the facial was that I noticed that Fifi has a unique technique of giving me a face massage. So, not only that she was cleansing my skin, but my face was experiencing a massage that encourages smooth blood flow. My face felt really cleansed and lightweight after the session! Also, for the record, They actually use their in-house skincare set which is exclusive to Urban Bliss. Despite usually worrying about what my skin is exposed to, I can safely say that their skincare range is gentle and safe. My  skin felt amazing after the session 

After treatment is complete. Can you tell how relaxed and happy i am? 

I dont know about you, but my skin in glowing!

I started my spa at 11.30am and it ended at about 2.50pm! Talk about a full spa experience, at Urban Bliss, you can really pamper yourself with the full package of relaxation. Despite it being a 3-hour session, trust me when I  say that it felt really fast? I barely felt the time and throughout the whole session, I would have to say that it made my day. I really felt relaxed throughout my whole week after the spa package. It's definitely a mood booster if you ask me. 

The other massage area's avaialble

I believe this would be the foot reflexology area

My mind and soul is at ease after the treatment

All in all, for the full 3-in-1 Urban Bliss Journey priced at RM468, I would have to say that it was really worth it if you're looking to really relax your mind and body. I've been to a lot of centers myself and what makes Urban Bliss different would be that it focuses on destressing the mind and not just the body. Walking out of the center, I will tell you that my body felt so light while my skin feels amazing and my mind was just at ease thanks to the aromatherapy. Well, i guess this concludes my review and i hope you found it useful. I would definitely look forward to my next visit~

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