Monday, September 19, 2022

Hada Labo's New Platinum Kotojyun Mask | Hydration & Whitening

With High Penetrating Serum, Infused with Premium Platinum Nanoparticles – 
The Sheet Mask Hydrates Skin from the Surface to the Inner Layers 

Hada Labo introduces for the first time, its all-new Platinum Kotojyun Mask, a revolutionary sheet mask that contains a high penetrating serum mask and is infused with premium platinum nanoparticles. The nanoparticles act as an anti-oxidant ingredient to protect the skin from environmental damage and also improve skin tone radiance. 

Each sheet mask is extremely breathable and comfortable as it is made of Bemliese®, a sustainable non-woven fabric that is made from cotton linter which can absorb and hold the skincare ingredients efficiently. Although the sheet mask contains only 23ml of serum, it is able to offer benefits that are equivalent to two bottles of serum thanks to the nanoparticles technology and Bemliese®, the non-woven fabric that allow deep penetration of the serum into the skin.

The high penetrating serum contains highly effective hydrating ingredients, which include Multiple types of Hyaluronic Acids, Ceramide and Squalene that fully hydrates skin from the surface to the inner layers, for a long lasting smooth and supple skin. It is pH balanced, free of alcohol, fragrance, colorant and mineral oil, therefore, it does not cause any skin irritation.

The Hada Labo Platinum Kotojyun Mask comes in two variants that provide different benefits to the skin:

Hada Labo Platinum Hydrating Kotojyun Mask (RM14.90) 

Functions to deeply hydrate skin for intense and long-lasting hydration. Infused with Platinum Nanoparticles and 4 types of Hyaluronic Acid (i.e Nano Hyaluronic Acid, Zinc Hydrolyzed Hyaluronate, Hyaluronic Acid and Super Hyaluronic Acid) to effectively strengthen skin barrier and reduce fine lines for soft, smooth and supple skin.

Hada Labo Platinum Whitening Kotojyun Mask (RM14.90) 

Functions to deeply hydrate and revive dull skin for a fresh and radiant complexion. The Platinum Whitening Kotojyun Mask is infused with 3 types of Hyaluronic Acid (i.e Nano Hyaluronic Acid, Super Hyaluronic Acid, and Zinc Hydrolyzed Hyaluronate) and contains 2X brightening ingredients, i.e Tranexamic Acid and PMS Whitening Factor to effectively lighten dark spots and even out skin tone for bright glowing skin.

What makes it refreshing?

Well, when it comes to the face mask, what is there to really say? But this is a game changer because its super thin and literally I would say that I can feel that all the serum from the mask just transferred to my skin. I wish I took a before-after photo prior to wearing the mask but really on the first impression on this mask, I would say that it did a great job in making my skin feel hydrated with the extra perks of some glow. Honest opinion, this is hands down the most innovative best mask i've used by far! Recommended and i love how premium the mask feels. 

FYI, The Hada Labo Platinum Kotojyun Mask is now available for purchase at Shopee, Lazada and all leading pharmacies nationwide. Be sure to get it and pamper your skin when you see this on shelves. Im pretty sure this would be in demand real soon. You have been warned. Hehe

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