Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Mamee Chef Mi Goreng Rendang Legenda | Inspired bY Dato’ Sheila Majid

Im pretty sure that we all love Mamee Chef considering they offer the finest instant dishes when youre hungry but clueless on what to cook as a quick meal. Dont lie, i know you secretly crave for the Mamee Chef noodles just as much as i do at 1am in the morning. Hehe. Anyway, as the title highlights, they now have a new traditional cuisine flavour, RENDANG! Guess who will be flying to UK and bring a pack of these noodles just so indulge in Malaysian cuisine overseas? Me. haha

Now, Mamee Chef invites you to savour the authentic and legendary taste of rendang anytime you want in its all-new conveniently packed Mi Goreng Rendang Legenda!Inspired by Dato’ Sheila’s iconic song “Legenda”, Mamee Chef Mi Goreng Rendang Legenda resonates with her originality and authenticity in terms of its taste. As the homegrown brand’s first “goreng noodle” offering, Mi Goreng Rendang comes with Kruk Kruk (fried onions) and chilli rings in each pack. To enjoy, simply cook noodles in 400ml of boiling water for 3 minutes. When the noodles are ready, remove them from the pot, add the flavour and condiment packets, then mix well. 

“Malaysian Queen of Jazz” and Mamee Chef brand ambassador Dato’ Sheila Majid has performed all around the world, but to her, home is where she can enjoy her favourite food with her loved ones. “Rendang is a definite favourite in my family – my mother would often make this signature dish during celebrations, and we would all get together and catch up over a feast! In Malaysia, food is something that is close to our hearts; the legendary taste of rendang is enjoyed by everyone from all walks of life. With Mamee Chef Mi Goreng Rendang Legenda, my family and I can indulge in the rich aroma of authentic rendang, without having to wait for festive or special occasions!” shared Dato’ Sheila.

How Yuan Yi, Chief Marketing Officer of Mamee Double-Decker Sdn. Bhd., expressed her excitement about the unique Rendang Legenda flavour: “Most of the goreng instant noodles offered in the market today are limited to soy sauce-based or super-spicy flavours. Leveraging on our R&D capabilities at Mamee, combined with our understanding of Malaysians’ taste buds, we decided to develop a local, authentic flavour that all Malaysians know and love. With its rich blend of spices and creamy gravy, our Rendang Legenda flavour is perfect as a ‘mi goreng’ (goreng noodle). As a Malaysian brand made for Malaysians, we take pride in bringing people together through our continuous development of exciting food products!”

To celebrate the legendary launch of Mamee Chef Mi Goreng Rendang Legenda, Dato’ Sheila Majid and her daughter, hip-hop singer Kayda Aziz, have released a brand-new song! Watch the official music video for “Kenikmatan Legenda” on YouTube here. I personally enjoyed this video because its so malaysian and it definitely got me drooling for the Mamee Legenda. You have been warned to watch this video on an empty stomach, but if you insist, you are free to drool with me. Hehe

Mamee Chef Mi Goreng Rendang Legenda (RM6.90/pack of 4) is now available at hypermarkets and supermarkets nationwide, as well as online via Mamee’s Official Stores on Lazada and Shopee. To find out more about Mamee Chef Mi Goreng Rendang Legenda and related updates, kindly follow Mamee Noodles Malaysia on Facebook and Instagram

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