Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Texas BBQ Barn | November Special 2023 BBQ Ribs with Mac & Cheese

Hello guys! Finally found another joint to enjoy ribs within Selangor and it's definitely worth a review to write on. My mother in law actually stays in Cyberjaya, so we decided to explore the eateries in Cyberjaya which then we stumbled upon Texas BBQ Barn which looked interesting as we were passing by. Best of all, it's Muslim owned by a Malaysian! What a great way to support the local businesses in town. 

Now, in todays post, I'll be sharing a review of the November Specials from Texas BBQ Barn in their Cyberjaya outlet. For your information, they change their menu specials every month, and for the month of November, they're featuring the BBQ Ribs with Mac & Cheese which is great for sharing. Since I was with my husband and kids, this was the perfect platter to order for our small family, 

The service was extremely efficient, which also means the waiting time wasn't that long. But maybe also it's because we visited on a weekday, making it very convenient for them to attend to us, Despite the short waiting time, while we were ordering, they were nice enough to let the kids play with some crayons and paper, so that they can draw while we ordered our dish in peace. Love the family friendly service here.

Within minutes, our platter arrived and as a first impression, I would say that the portion was plenty despite it being a couples menu. Honestly, I would say the highlight of it all was this big slab of ribs that was slow cooked at 16-18 hours at least to get it prepared. Since it came with Mac & Cheese, this made it perfect for the little kids to enjoy. My kids definitely enjoyed their Mac & Cheese as it wasn't over seasoned, and it tasted like cheesy goodness without being salty. It also came with sides of Cheesy Chips which I enjoyed indulging as it added interesting textures to enjoy. 


Now, let's jump into the food review. I started off with the ribs and Im not going to lie, I love that it's not over seasoned and it tasted really good and tender. In terms of taste, it had this good ol Smoked flavour, and it was so unbelievable that I was told that the seasoning was mainly just salt and black pepper. Literally mind blowing but it's also no wonder that I could really taste the juice from the meat itself. The ribs were literally the kind that Fall-off-the-bone perfection! 

The sides came with Mac & Cheese, Nachos and pickles which was a favourite for the kiddos. The Mac & Cheese was the classic cheesy goodness which just lingers around your taste buds, and the nachos and pickles added an interesting texture and sourness if you're creative in enjoying it with your ribs. The pickles was also a great palate cleanser which enhanced the experience of enjoying the ribs with different sauces.

The drinks were something different, especially for the sunset one which tasted like a blend of strawberry F&N with fresh orang juice. Different than the usual, but super refreshing! The set that we ordered came in with the Teas Sweet tea and that was one of the best parts considering that we didnt need to top up our order with extra drinks. 


This being my first time actually making my way to Texas BBQ Barn, I would say that I cant wait to repeat. The highlight was definitely that they had ready set meals thats catered for couples and even for families of four. Be sure to check their monthly specials to plan your week ahead and enjoy their lovely combinations to pair with the Smoked Beef Rib. Well thats all for now and I cant wait to re-visit to get the real taste of Texas Ribs only ate Texas BBQ Barn.

A little fun fact, Texas BBQ Barn is ruined by a Malay couple, Encik Fazal & Shermeen who used to live in Texas working in an engineering company that was based in Texas. They came back to settle down in Malaysia, as they missed the Malaysian essence and decided to bring a part of Texas back to Malaysia to share the flavours of Texas. It began as a home business as they catered to neighbours and family members which then grew in demand with the public asking for more. With that being said, now Texas BBQ Barn produces over 800kg of ribs daily to cater to F&B businesses within Malaysia. 

About Texas BBQ Barn

Visit any Texas BBQ Barn outlet to dine in and relish the irresistible flavors of Texas right at our restaurant. Or, for the ultimate convenience, place your order online at and enjoy the same Texas BBQ experience in the comfort of your own home. Don't miss out on this limited-time opportunity to savor the best smoked beef ribs in Texas! Come on over, or order online, and let your taste buds embark on a flavor-packed journey. 

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