Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Explore Jotun’s 2023 Kids Collection | exclusive colour collection inspired by children, curated by Jotun.

When viewed through a child's bright eyes, what does home look like? It's a magical place where countless adventures take place, more than just a place to live and rest. Every wall is an opportunity for imagination and wonder.

Now we finally have exclusive colours chosen for the Jotun 2023 Kids Collection were inspired by young children's imaginative and creative thinking. 

The creative collection, which marries the concept of lovely kid-friendly spaces, is the ideal complement to Majestic Sense, a new premium interior paint that has been specially formulated with Clean Air Technology to improve and purify indoor air.

Nurture Your Little Expressionist

What makes your kids feel amazed and excited? With the Jotun 2023 Kids Collection, you can bring a vibrant world of colour into your home, whether you choose to play with animals, run amok in a friendly forest, or dive into a mysterious ocean.

Every theme is inspired by the verdant environments in which we live as perceived through the eyes of awe and innocence. We encourage you to investigate the hues and combinations that best capture the unique identities of both you and your kids. 

Pastel Forest

Pastel Forest – Capturing the essence of a whimsical forest

Eternal Ocean – Admire the beauty of the eternal ocean

Pinkish Pastures – For dreamers to thrive in shades of pink

Nurture bits of creativity and make a difference to your children’s world today with the 2023 Kids Collection.

Jotun Majestic Sense

The only paint in Southeast Asia that offers both perfect beauty and a healthy home is Majestic Sense. Majestic Sense, designed to enhance and purify indoor air with Jotun's Clean Air Technology, leaves your home smelling fresh. Additionally, it is kid-friendly, asthma- and allergy-friendly, and a partner of the National Asthma Council of Australia's Sensitive Choice programme.

Kids can express themselves freely thanks to the opulent, ultra-smooth finish, which is also easy to clean and flawlessly hides hairline cracks. Parents can also take pride in their beautifully decorated walls every day. You can rest easy knowing that your family has a secure place for play and expression with the brand-new, cutting-edge Jotun Majestic Sense.

How To Turn a Wall into a Canvas

Draw your favourite shapes on the wall, just like your child, to make a space come to life. A two-toned wall combination is a novel approach to a slightly different look. For a little bit of fun, consider painting your furniture to match your children's rooms' brand-new walls—this is a great idea for parents as well! You can create as many distinct spaces within a room as you like with colour; the only restrictions are your own creativity.

The Little Details

A lovely play area or any other room in the house is not just about the walls; it's also about the little things, like the furnishings. For the finer details, like painting your room's furniture to match the walls, turn to Majestic Supreme Finish. It's a simple way to add dimension and improve the appearance of your space. The high-quality water-based paint for metal and wood provides an immaculate, elegant finish and has outstanding stain resistance for effortless cleanup. And all of this without sacrificing vibrant colours. Majestic Supreme Finish dries faster than traditional solvent-based paint and has a low odour for your family's comfort and a healthier home.

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