Thursday, August 24, 2017

[REVIEW] Althea Petal Velvet Powder | Althea Korea

Reviewing the Althea Petal Velvet Powder
Being a K-beauty fan myself, I am A HUGE FAN of Althea Korea, not because I'm being biased, but thanks to Althea Korea, I am not required to travel to Korea in order to restock my K beauty products at home. Other than K-beauty, Althea also is a platform to me to discover new Korean products that are less known to the country, with equivalent quality to bigger brands. If you have been following me on Instagram, you might realize that I recently announced a secret product launched by Althea Korea (LIKE OMG FINALLY THEIR OWN BRAND!) Thus, in today's review, I'll be talking to you about the Althea Petal Velvet Powder.

Sealed Packaging with Expiry date
The compact minimalist casing
Althea being filled with a team of K-beauty experts, I have no doubt that the product would be as good as the products that they sell in stores. Being its first product being available online, I think it's a great start that they came up with the Petal Velvet Powder. This is actually a translucent powder that sets makeup and leaves behind a silky finish to the touch. I've tested it myself and I can't deny that I'm in love. I'm very particular about fine details, and I admire the exclusiveness of the packaging that comes sealed with an expiry date. YAS!

It's even sealed on the inside with a cute note on it!
Testing around with the product
I'm a regular translucent powder user and let me get the facts straight on what makes this Petal Velvet Powder different from the rest. Other than it comes in a super cute compact packaging, it's actually infused with oil from Althea seeds (Actual Althea flower gais), and it works to minimize sebum production without leaving your skin looking too dry. In case you're wondering, the texture of the powder is extremely light and the results are really satisfying! Each pack comes in a 3g compact packaging at an affordable price of RM16 only! #jawsdropped

Apying a few puffs after I'm done with my make up
As you can see, I've already applied make up in my review and since this sets makeup, to use this is as easy as one, two, three!  With this Althea baby, it really enhances your makeup and it's the perfect final touch to complete your look. Upon applying this, there is no doubt that the therapeutic scent would surprise you making you wish that the scent stays with you forever. I don't know about you, but this actually made my mornings even better, especially before going to work.

The final look after application!
Up close, I noticed that after applying the Althea Petal Velvet Powder, it actually made my pores less visible, makes my make up last longer, and it gives my skin a silky fresh look! This little compact is currently in my must have things in my bag and with a few puffs, I'm shine-free! As a verdict, I really adore this product as I have oily combination skin, and this suited my skin perfectly without making my skin looking too dry. YAY! Since it only comes in translucent, I believe that it has been made to suit almost any skin tone so it should be a problem for anyone, or any skin shade to use this. MAJOR LOVE!

And there you have it!
I still can't believe that at only RM16, you can say bye bye to shiny skin! Get yours today from Althea Korea or by hovering over the link below for your convenience. Trust me, there is no regret if you ever own this and it would also be a great friendship gift too (hints friends) ! I can't wait to see more product launches from Althea Korea and be sure to be on a look out before they're sold out. Feel free to leave me comments if you would want to share your thoughts or if you have any other inquiries on the product mentioned. Thanks for dropping by xx

Shop on Althea Korea: Get Althea Petal Velvet Powder (click here) 


  1. I've read so much positive reviews on the internet lately about this new powder from Althea. Plus, at only RM16, I feel compelled to get it for myself.

  2. The powder seems to have brightened up your skin! But 3g is quite little eh compared to most powders out there.

  3. Been exposing to all positive reviews by people who've got them. Can consider this after my innisfree one hehe


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  5. Been reading so much about this im so excited for mine to come...

  6. This products is cool right. I owe one of it and love the natural fragrance.

  7. I really love to use it! The texture is sooo good and cheap!

  8. I've seen so many good reviews about this and I can't wait to try it myself. Thanks for sharing dear!