Sunday, December 21, 2008

2nd post todayy :D hottie

haha. 2 posts in one day? cool! :D

mann, tired baby siting -.-
so yeahh, went out to dinner at 8pm with my german relatives. showing them some malaysian food.
they love Malaysia food. haha. surprisingly!

so, we ate kangkung belacan, tomyam, steam fish, kerabu sotong, daging merah etc.
my mum ordered alot!

ohh, and thats Felix and daniel.

felix is 14? so yeahh, i chated with him. mann, he's cute lahh! lucky he could speak english.
his english is better than his parents. so, i asked some questions:

me:so, what do you like about malaysia?
Felix: shopping. i love shopping and melaka(with his german accent).
his parents: yeah, we shopped for 3 hours just to look for felix's shoes.

felix told us that our 5ringgit is like 1 euro. if he bought shoes in german, it would cost like 135euro's and in malaysia, he would have to pay around 25euro's. haha. so he was like, malaysia is freaking cheap! :p cant imagine. baru shop dekat KLCC. not yett in bukit bintang, sungai wang, times square. haha. so, he bought all those branded stuff. i was like whoa! RM1000++ a day? he was like, yeah, in german we would spend around RM2500 on shopping day. whoa! speechless. XD

Daniel: whats the name of your school?
Felix:Wentzinger(in german accent)
Daniel: wzzz? what?
Felix: maybe i should spell it out for you.
Daniel: yeah sure.
Felix: (writing)
Daniel:*reading it* whenzinger? (sounds like zinger burger) lmao.
Felix: *laughed*
Daniel: whoa! idk how to pronounce this.
Felix:haha. whats the name of your school?
Daniel: Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sultan Abdul Samad.
Felix: whhhatt?

haha. yeahh, it was funn. felix learned a malaysian word. *tidak* lol. :D

thats all for now, im sleepy and its almost midnight. goodnight

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