Tuesday, December 9, 2008

lisa lucas

haha. wee, she came to my house today :) took pictures oni.

lisa: mann! your house damn boring. (i took that as a compliment)

well, its true. to appreciate your life. come visit my house. it wont take more than an hour. XD

woohh, yeahh. watch tv, went downstairs for lunch, took pictures by the pool, went up and go online. veryy sad kann? but, i got used to it, so, yeah. thats my lame boring life.

food: mushroom steak, sweet & sour chicken and chicken wings.
drinks: ice lemon teas, sprite.

the toilet? haha
yehh, the waterfall :) near the swimming pool.

i miss school, school is much more interesting and fun'er than my house. -.-
haha. wee.. so yeah. thats it. :D

byebye. im sleepy. night.

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