Thursday, December 25, 2008

25th december

It's christmas!

finally! how long i've been waiting for this! lmao. presents! shoes, handbags, top designer's shirts and etc... yeay! ahah. well, im in singapore now. wooh! christmas in singapore in snow world. XD nice eh? but still i would prefer celebrating christmas with my family. everyone now is in sarawak celebrating christmas and having fun. mann, i wish i was there. huhu. im hoping for next year. this years party is like the whole big family is going to be there. my uncles and aunties from holand, germany, japan, UK, brunei, andd australia. singing competition, best dressed, etc. its mainly something like a prom but for families. haha. :D so, yeah. celebrating with my mum, dad, daniel, and baby. i guess thats enough. :) *just being thankful. lol. so eveyone.....


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