Monday, December 22, 2008

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Time: 11.28am
Name: Aliza Sara
Age/Birthday: 30.7.92
School: SMK Sultan Abdul Samad, PJ
Elder Sister: Im the eldest
Younger Sister: Ellina Danae (baby)
Elder Brother: None
Younger Brother: Daniel
Favourite Liquids [Drinks]: Ice Lemon Tea , smoothies, tropical fruits, and whatever that's expensive. haha. lmao
Favourite Consumables [Food]: Ice-cream , Chocolate , Sweets etc.
Favourite Place To Sleep: my floral bed
Flying: so wish i could. no traffic jam if i wanna go shop ;p
Swimming/Diving: after you own one, you wont feel like swimming -.-
How Much Friends In MSN:75
Couple: iloveyouu (:
Loved Ones: Family and Friends
Get Kicked On The Butt?:my close friends do. playing around
Allergic?: none ?
Gastric?: nehh, i eat alot. haha
Whole Fortune?: ok laa .
Age Of Marriage: Above 25 below 30
Children Wanted: 3 :D
Age Of Death: idk?
Animals In House: hamsters, terrapins, fishies :D
Longest Fingernail Ever Kept: my fingernails are always short :p
Wanted Birthday Present: anything lah (: but good friends are enough.

Q: In your dream, God tells you you are a billionaire in your dream world and gives you a wish. What would you wish for?
A. same as chloe and michelle woooohhh. have the power of what i want and i'll get it. haha

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yen peng

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