Friday, December 5, 2008

dot dot dot

paris's advice
loads of expensive clothes + no personality = no mates. its a simple life!

kerry's advice :
tell the world how crazy your mum is, while going to extreme lengths
to show everyone you're just as bad.

haha. im just writing it down for fun :) so like, its been a long time since i've updated my blog. the reason to that is basically because im doing alot of stuff. wee. well, it was fun.

friday, went to pavillion with adibah and some guys.
and i made a new friend. sofie :D she's nice.

10.15-12.30 : watched bolt 3D with daddy, mummy and baby
(but i came out erlier)

12.00-2.30 : twilight. ahh. it was nice. but not as nice as the book. the book was nicer still.

haha. next, we went to sungai wang. crowded much? haha. did'nt like it. but i love their prices there. bapak murah nak mati. LMAO! i was hungry, so suma terpaksa pegi mcdonals. eat eat eat. they make fun of me, cause i ate like a baby. haha. so what? i am a big baby! and i cry like a baby when i dont get my way. teruk kan? haha. then buy buy buy sampai everyone was cashless. it was worth it. i think? XD *sigh* i miss adibahh. sofie? haha. she was exactly like me. we own the same purse. haha. the colour was the only thing diffrent. so, yeah, sofie is now officially my bff! :P i miss her too.

ahaha. thats need to know about other things. i know is lame.but lucky thing is, i dont care :D

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