Saturday, January 10, 2009

got tagged

Directions: Once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a blog/Facebook note with 16 random things, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end choose 16 people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. Don’t forget to leave them a comment or tag them in your note to read this.

1. i'm an asian. proud to be one. XD
2. i love foood! :D
3. i also love sports. keeps me fit (well, in a wayy lahh )
4. im an ibalaynese. haha. iban+malay+chinese :)
5. i love ppl who are friendly.
6. i am short. or in other words... petite :D
7. i love my friends andd family.
8. i tend to always feel hungry. :P
9. i miss the old days :(
10. i LOVE shopping. ALOT! :]
11. i want to go Australia, again! |(wooh! hi-5 jasonn) ;)
12. im always sleepy at 9.45pm. lol
13. i miss Jason Austin Yeoh a.k.a my beloved body guard. haha
14. im overprotected by my daddy.
15. i dont always follow trends. i follow my own style. even if it looks weird. XD
16. lastly, im deeply in love with someone. :DDD

i tagg : anyone :)

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