Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Faten

From left: Faten, Anis Amira, and Rosmawati.

its been a long time since i saw you. it was like 4 years ago when we were running around the pathway. thinking who would reach class 1st after prayers. and we were like the top 10 people who are good in English in our form. Since we start school in the afternoon. we'll be meeting up with seri in USM. we'll be eating lunch together. seems like nothing to worry about. my only true real friends were and still are Faten and Haizum. i would'nt do anything without them knowing. faten, if you do still remember, i'll be calling you right after school for some reason.i just cant stop talking to you. i miss the old times. where i have nothing to care about except for my two bestest best friends. now, i do have new best friends. but old ones are precious to me. nothing can replace you guys. and faten, if you're reading this, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ol' pal :)

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